Jay Eitner – What Constitutes a Good Environment for Learning in New Jersey Schools

Many people don’t understand the complexities of teaching students in New Jersey’s school system. They assume that it is as simple as gathering a bunch of young people in a classroom, then putting a teacher in front of the chalkboard. Their guess is that this alone constitutes a schooling environment that creates students who are prepared to lead academically.

Regarding today’s New Jersey students and the demands placed on them by International competition, the elements of a good learning environment is lacking. Today teaching students requires a concerted effort of many interconnected groups, and a laser focus agenda that gets implemented and monitored throughout the school year.

Adding to this, they must be attention paid to the surrounding in which the teaching will occur. With this in mind let’s go through some of the key elements that contribute greatly as to whether the educational goals can be met by New Jersey schools.

Engaged Teachers

New Jersey has a school system that is comparable to that of any other state. And as such, they need the things that every other state needs. ¬†For example, it is important to understand regarding New Jersey, that there is no substitute for having teachers who are interested, committed, and willing to do whatever it takes in order to ensure that students succeed. Engaged teachers pay attention to the needs of their students and adjust the classes and the curriculums to support the needs. They put in extra time, call meetings with parents when needed, and give special attention to those students we’re not reaching their potential.

Because teachers do not earn a lot of money, the incentive for their full engagement has to come from pride in their jobs and the strong desire do you have the students reach greatness. You can tell these teachers when you meet them. They teach science, or literature, they are home economics teachers, and some even teach metal shop. What they all have in comment is an undying devotion to their students. With these teachers around students overachieve. If any of us thinks back, we can remember at least one teacher who was fully engaged and interested in our best outcomes. For students to have better outcomes, we need even more of these fully engage teachers today.

Active Administrators

The federal government, the superintendent, the principals and vice-principals, and the district administrators all have a large hand in creating the right type of learning environment for students. It is their efforts that secure the financing to bring in the needed resources for young people. It is they who search out and locate better teaching materials, and better protocols that create the highly sought-after outcomes in the school system. What is required of this group is more than a reading of the list of requirements, they must consistently speak better and more effective tools and believe that the capacity of the students is on par with students anywhere in the world.

Educators like Jay Eitner have spent lots of time developing strategies to assist states like New Jersey to improve education outcomes in their students. With a focus by all involved, success is assured