Appealing Ways to Create a Not-So-Standard Bathroom

The bathroom is the smallest room in the house, yet it’s used so much on a daily bases for various needs. Due to its size, it is understandable that this room doesn’t leave much playground for adding a lot of details. But that’s not an issue since you can focus on functionality and appeal all at once by choosing your main elements wisely. Then, you can add details accordingly, having in mind that less is more and clutter is the last thing you need in this area. There are a few interesting ways to add more character to a bathroom, both through its main elements and some additions.

Unexpected Light

Light can play various roles in a bathroom, but if you are want to shake things up, set up a light above the shower itself in a way that helps the light travel across the length of the shower. This might be an easier project if you can make use of natural light by creating an opening right above the shower.

Opt for a Floating Vanity

For those of you who would choose a clean, minimalist approach whenever possible, a floating vanity is precisely what you need in your bathroom. Apart from visually enlarging the area, mounting a vanity above the floor can free you up some much-needed space, so you can place all the small items you need at hand on a daily basis.

Choose a Seamless Type of a Counter Basin

There are several types of basins that can help you stray away from traditional mounting and thus create a more unique bathroom look. The basin is one of the key elements and the first thing you notice when going through the different designs in a bathroom showroom for instance.

1. Undermount 
This is the most seamless type of mount as the sink sits underneath the counter and it’s hardly visible. Since the rim of the sink is fixed to the underside of the countertop, this makes for the most convenient daily maintenance as you will be able to swipe through it with great ease.

2. Top Mount

These basins are designed to sit on top of the counter, as the name itself implies. Depending on the style you aim to create, the rim can be either slim or chunky and compared to the undermount type, these are a bit harder to clean as you cannot simply swipe through the area. A great advantage these basins offer is that they are suitable for most countertop materials – the cutout is protected by the basin itself so you won’t be risking water damage. Their installation process is also easier as they don’t require that you polish the cutout edges.

3. Above Counter

This type of basin sits completely on top of the countertop. Unlike the previously mentioned designs, although quite seamless, the completely exposed figure of these basins demand attention. Just notice that you won’t be able to miss them whether in a bathroom showroom or when looking through the different types of basin design online stores offer. Since these models are basically large bowls, they are quite convenient for those of you who like deep basins that can hold plenty of water.

Tiles That Go a Little Wild

Add interest to your bathroom by combining large and small tiles. You can cover the back wall with large tiles which will elongate the space and cover the tub and the wall in the bath area with small ones. To make them stand out more, choose some unusual colour such as yellow for instance.

Expanded Mirror

Mirrors can do magic in visually enlarging even the tightest spaces. Instead of opting for a mirror that stretches across just the vanity, go for one that stretches across the wall. This way, two people will be able to use it at once.

Seamless Colour Transition

By matching the colour and material of the floor and the tub, you will be able to elongate the appearance of your bathroom. This is a very unusual design move that gets a lot of attention but also creates an illusion of a bathroom that’s more spacious and airy. For a seamless look, it’s recommended for the colours to match perfectly, along with the patterns present on the materials (if any).

Make the Most of the Shower Area Wall

One lovely and space-saving way to dedicate a special space for shampoo bottles, conditioner bottles, some candles and other decorative items is to create a series of niches in the wall of the shower area. This can be a much better alternative to a plastic shower caddy which won’t look as good but might take up some valuable space. What’s more, these niches are an inexpensive investment, while they can surely bring more value to the area.

Keep Reading Materials at Hand

It may sound odd at first, but reading materials can be the perfect decor that you can put to use in the bathroom. Just create a combo of several books, magazines and newspapers, pair them with some candles or decor of your choice and you’re done. This way, you’ll be able to get rid of some of the clutter in your other rooms or drawers.