An Adrenaline Junkie’s Guide to Australia

Australia is a true adrenaline junkie’s paradise. There are so many opportunities to get that adrenaline pumping, the hardest part may just be choosing how to do it. Whether you’re into deadly animals, heart-racing heights or thrilling climbs, Australia can scratch the itch. Here are a few ideas for the thrill-seeker’s trip down under.

Cage Diving with Sharks
Not for the faint-hearted, cage diving involves chumming to attract sharks for an up-close and personal view underwater. Sign up with a group, head out into the water and get ready to see jaws first hand. The only thing between you and those serrated mandibles of terror is an underwater metal cage. Leave your common sense on the boat.

Australia boasts some great mountain ranges for climbing, especially in the south west. The Canberra, Brobane, Perth, Melbourne, the glass mountains, the Grampian and also the blue mountains offer some breath-taking views and some death-defying climbs. Tour operators offer training, spills and thrills for beginners. For the experienced climber and those with their own equipment, make sure you notify park rangers you’re headed out on your own.

One of the most incredible feelings for an adrenaline junkie is jumping out of an aircraft 14,000 feet high. Throughout Australia, there are various places to skydive. Mission Beach, located in Queensland, is one of the most visited place when it comes to skydiving. It is located around Townsville and Cairns. Skydiving in Australia is especially popular for the views it offers of the pristine coastline and reef barriers

Swimming with Crocodiles
Australia is also known for its dangerous and deadly crocodiles infested waters. The chances of coming face to face with crocodiles in some areas are very high. At crocosauras cove in Darwin, a person who wants to swim with the crocodiles is thrown into a cage which is transparent and then surrounded by crocs to share the water with.

Bungy Jumping
With straps attached at the ankles, thrill-seeking jumpers can hurl themselves off a bridge and enjoy the descent until the elastic bungy chord takes effect. The of the biggest jump sites in Australia is found at the grounds of Cairns. At Aj HACKETT Jump, you can jump among world heritage rain forests. There are about 16 different jump styles to choose from.

Tiger Moth Flights
In an aircraft, you will get a chance to experience aerobics up in the sky, including barrel rolls, loop-the-loops and other very thrilling and maneuvers. This activity can be done in a number of different places in Australia, which include the Gold Coast and Torquay in Victoria.