6 Ways To Upgrade Your Silverado’s Horsepower

When the stock horsepower just isn’t enough to handle your professional projects or off-road adventures, it’s time for a tune up. Check out these six Chevy 6.0 horsepower upgrades to see how you can ramp up your rig and prepare for a full week of heavy hauling.

1. Throttle Body Spacer

Give your engine the easy breathing it deserves with a throttle body spacer. This handy addition optimizes the air/fuel ratio to help you ramp up the horsepower on your favorite truck. Select a kit designed for your make and model of truck and follow the included instructions for maximum airflow.

2. Performance Chips and Tuners

You don’t need to modify the physical properties of your truck to improve its horsepower. Instead of installing new air filters and exhaust kits, add a performance chip or tuner to your Chevy.

These innovative items come with a pre-loaded set of tunes or allow you to adjust various features of your vehicle. By accessing the computer on your Silverado, you can fine-tune the air intake, fuel injection and other systems. Some tuners allow you to diagnose check engine issues and modify your speedometer to control for aftermarket wheel differences.

3. High-Flow Exhaust

Get that signature growl out of your engine with a high-flow aftermarket exhaust system. Combine exhaust and intake systems to improve your engine airflow. A mandrel-bent system reduces back pressure and alters the sound profile of your truck to impress anyone you drive by.

4. Air Intake System

The second piece of the airflow puzzle, an aftermarket air intake system matches your new exhaust system. Improved airflow helps you ratchet up your pulling power without straining your engine.

Choose a specific air intake system for your make, model and year of truck. Just like Chevy Silverado running boards, air intake systems need to match your truck for safe installation and effective use. Failure to follow directions could prevent proper airflow or cause contaminants to enter the system.

5. Headers and Downpipes

If you’re looking to get even more personalized performance out of your truck, then combine multiple accessories. Aftermarket headers and downpipes are other airflow improvement components, but they need to be combined with other components for best use.

Choose a tuner, exhaust system and air intake before selecting headers and downpipes for a comprehensive aftermarket solution. These components are not only more difficult to install, but won’t offer the same advantages if installed without other components.

6. Superchargers and Turbochargers

Go for the most comprehensive aftermarket horsepower upgrade with superchargers and turbochargers. Some Silverado trucks come with one of these engine upgrades, but there are many improved aftermarket options. Step up onto your 2021 Silverado 1500 running boards before climbing behind the wheel of your impressively powerful truck.

Upgrade Your Horsepower Today

From a simple spacer to a complete aftermarket setup, there are many ways to improve the horsepower of your Chevy Silverado. Explore aftermarket options online to get great deals and have items sent right to your door. Don’t stop with a simple air filter, but maximize your horsepower for an unforgettable ride.