5 Ways to Save Money on Your Next Tamarindo Vacation


Everyone loves vacation. You wait all year to have the chance to put aside the stress of your everyday life and enjoy some down time. Hopefully that includes tropical weather and a beautiful landscape. Tamarindo is a great destination in that regard. However, vacations can be stressful as well. Often unfamiliarity can lead one to over spend when on vacation. Below are five tips on how to save money on your next Tamarindo vacation.

lizano rice and beans

1. Eat at a Soda. The “safe” hotel restaurant may be convenient, but at the expense of being overpriced and not that special. Why not eat like a Tico in one of their local cafes? Costa Rican’s call small cafes that mostly serve breakfast and lunchSodas. If you want to try Costa Rican food, this is the place to go. They come in all types from sit down table service to cafeteria style lunch counters. They also vary in their specialty. Some feature seafood, while others may be known for their soup. Near Tamarindo, in the town of Villa Real, isSoda Las Palmas. You can have a fine meal for a few Dollars and eat what the locals eat.


2. Rent a Private Home. Renting a vacation home in Tamarindo can save you a lot of money. For groups of four or more, the cost per traveler is less than staying in a comparable hotel. In addition to saving money, you will have more space, more privacy and generally be more comfortable than staying in a hotel room. A few beers around yourvacation rentalpool is a lot more appealing than sitting on your bed in your hotel room watching television.


3. Eat and Drink In. If you take the advice of point number two, then your vacation rental likely comes with a fully equipped kitchen. Make use of it and you will save a lot of money. Buy some homemade pasta from Pasta Casera located in Plaza Conchal in the center of Tamarindo, pick up your Chilean wine of choice to go with it and you will have an amazing meal for less than half what you would spend in a restaurant. While you should take advantage of the local bar happy hours, stock your fridge with some beverages for that final nightcap. One round a night at “home” instead of in a bar will save you big time over the course of a vacation.

Costa Rica Surfing

4. Rent a Surfboard. If you don’t want to spend a lot of money, then you should surf… a lot. Rent your board from one of the local surf shops like Witch’s Rock Surf Camp. They will let you store your board at their shop. You just pop in, give them thefichafor your board, and you’re off to hit the waves. If you take a lesson it will be cheaper if you already have your board. If you are a girl, it will likely be free from one of the uncertified instructors in and around Tamarindo (pretty much every male surfer).



5. Arrange Transfers Before Your Trip. If you are a group of four or more, then renting a car can be extremely affordable. The best deals are usually found in advance and online as opposed to in person once you are in Costa Rica. Also, ask the property manager of your Tamarindo vacation rental if they can obtain a quote for you. They may receive a local discount. If you don’t need a rental car, a company called Tamarindo shuttle will pick you up or take you to the Liberia airport for about $25 per person, $20 if you have two or more in your group.


A Costa Rican vacation doesn’t need to cost you a lot of money. Follow the tips outlined above and you will not only have a great time, but you’ll save some money as well.


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