5 Great Business Ideas for Digital Nomads

The business world is made up of all kinds of different people. You’ve got those who fit the more traditional model where they work in an office 9-5 Monday through Friday, then you’ve got the less traditional business folks who we like to call digital nomads. If you’ve just recently earned your online bachelor of science in marketing and the whole office environment isn’t for you, not to worry as there are some great options for digital nomads such as yourself.

No Need to Impose Limits

The whole idea behind being a digital nomad is that you don’t place limits on where and how you work. Just because you went to a school such as Arizona State University and followed all the rules and excelled in your online marketing degree programs, doesn’t mean you’re ready to follow all the rules of the workplace. Being a digital nomad requires thinking outside of the box, as we’ll see.


Tech Support

Do you enjoy working with people, setting your own hours, and like the idea of being a problem solver? If so a tech support representative could be the way to go. This can literally be done from any place in the world. You just need a few pieces of equipment, and the company you are working for will provide the training. Your role is to help people with troubleshooting problems. You can set your own hours and work in any time zone since tech support is often offered 24/7 by large companies.

Content Curator

This job is ideal if you’re happy to freelance and take on your own clients. You can set your own schedule and work from any place in the world. A content curator is responsible for putting together content for a company. Usually this content will appear on the company’s website, in their newsletters, emails, etc. For this job, you will need to be comfortable writing and editing, so creativity will help.

Digital Marketing

Digital marketing continues to be a massive field and because it’s so big and vast, you can take on clients from around the world. There is no need to work in a big firm, you can freelance and set your own hours. You may choose to have a small handful of regular clients, or take on many and keep yourself really busy.

Website Designer

If you plan on traveling and don’t want to have to take much with you, then a web designer could be the perfect job. All you’ll need tools wise is a hard drive, a computer (laptop), and access to Wi-Fi. You could be sitting in a quaint café in Rome while working! As a web designer, your job is to design web pages and the content that goes on them. Your clients can be from anywhere in the world.

Live that Carefree Lifestyle

Becoming a digital nomad whether for a small period of time or for the long-term allows you to live that carefree lifestyle while traveling the world. There is no reason to make any commitments, instead it’s about experiencing a variety of new things both in your personal life and work life.