3 Fool-Proof Ways to Attract First-Time Customers to Experience Your Brand

One of the major challenges of a startup business is getting their target market to try their product or service for the first time. With so many options available to consumers, how do you get noticed? And even when they do notice your brand, how can you influence them to decide to purchase your product or service over a brand that they have been using for a long time?

It will not be easy, but there are a few strategies you can implement so you can drive your target customers to try your brand. And if you are able to successfully deliver, then this initial encounter would be the first of many purchases from would be loyal patrons. Here are a few ways you can make that happen:

Source: Pixabay

Give a Freebie

As the saying goes, “The best things in life are free”. People will not be able to resist something if they don’t have to pay for it. If you are offering a cloud-based service, you can give one level of service for free then charge customers who want to access more features. You can also offer a specific product or feature for free when a customer opts to register for your service. This is a common marketing strategy among online gaming and betting sites. Online gaming sites would usually offer free spins for slot games, while betting sites offer free bets for a specific amount without requiring a deposit. One can bet up to £100 without having to pay any deposit, which allows the business to showcase their offering to new audiences, who do not need to make up their mind before trying them out.

Give Out Samples

There is no doubt that sampling really works. We see this happening all the time in grocery stores and shopping malls, but sampling is not just for food. You can also implement this marketing tactic for other products and services, such as software, makeup, and even e-books. Yes, you can offer a chapter or two of your e-book for free so you can get readers to get a glimpse of your literary masterpiece and eventually want to pay so they can read the rest of it.


Offer Short-Term Discounts

Offering big discounts for a limited time period, like 50% off or buy-one-get-one-free item, is an effective way to get target customers to try your product or service for the first time. Announcing your promotions on social media can also help spread the word, especially if you tie this in with an online contest that requires your audience to like, comment, and share your post for them to win a special gift or get additional discounts.

Being a newbie business can be a bit challenging, but with the right marketing strategies, you can get noticed and influence your target niche into trying your brand for the first time. These three tactics are proven ways of driving first-time buyers to experience your product or service. Once you have successfully drawn your target customers into purchasing your offer or trying it out for free, this will open the possibilities of gaining repeat customers and, hopefully, loyal patrons.