10 Ways to Use Stickers that You May Have Never Thought Of

Everywhere you go, you see personalization. Cars, sports equipment, electronics….if it has a surface, you can personalize it. Some of the ways are simply fun, others are great marketing techniques. And some, you’ve probably never thought of. But first…


Types of stickers

Transfer stickers are made of single color vinyl and are custom made, including the color. They are created by cutting the design from a sheet of vinyl, and then the background is removed. They should be weather proof and both indoor and outdoor friendly, so the effects of weathering won’t harm them. With all the options, they have tons of uses. Usually, they are quite easy to remove. From small (as in 4″ x 4″) to very large (48″ x 48″) and even custom sized, you can get exactly what you want.

Regular stickers have a sticky back and can still be custom ordered and created to custom specifications. Depending on the material, these too can be outdoor and indoor safe, but often don’t have the resiliency of transfer stickers. They may be a little harder to remove as well.

Now for the uses…

What can you do with stickers?

Depending on the size and what you want to do with the stickers, the sky is the limit…

1. Embellish your water bottle. We all know that it’s better for the environment to have a personal water bottle and stop using throwaway bottles. Water bottles are the perfect backdrop for custom stickers. Not only does it make a personal statement, but it’s just more fun. Don’t be afraid to decorate your bottle with stickers!

2. Decorate your sports or music equipment. Maybe it’s your kayak or the case for your violin. Decorate it with fun stickers to make it more personal. Plus, you’ll never get your case mixed up with anyone else’s.

3. Use as gift labels. Custom stickers are a great idea for gift labels. Whether you use them on a card or use transfer stickers on the gift itself, it adds that special personal touch. Think mason jars with an added sticker to exemplify the product and you’ll be on the right track…

4. Decorating your electronics. Some people love the sleek clean look of their laptop. Others want it personalized. What better way to do so than with a custom sticker, or maybe not a custom one but just something you love. Some people do the same with their phones and forego a case.

5. Use as marketing. Whether you run a pet care business or an online boutique, or anything else, you can incorporate stickers into your marketing endeavors. Give them to your customers, enclose them in your packages, add them to your mailings. You’ll find lots of uses to incorporate a great custom sticker into your marketing plan.

6. Cars. Okay, you probably are aware of this one, but it’s still big. People love putting stickers on their cars and it’s gone far beyond the bumper sticker industry. Whether it’s your kid’s school or your own alma mater, your political preference or your favorite band, stickers on cars are still going strong. This is a great place to put your transfer stickers and decorate your vehicle in a custom way.

7. Monograms. Monograms always make a great statement or a great gift. You’ll see them on cars, on bikes, on rain boots. And what better way to get your monogram where you want it then with a custom sticker or transfer sticker.

8. Luggage. Pretty much everyone owns a black suitcase for travel. We all know what it’s like at the baggage carousel wondering if that bag is ours. Add some custom stickers and you’ll be all set, no more confusion.

9. Teams and schools. Use stickers as part of your team or school’s fund raiser. People love stickers and it’s a small investment to shout out your team or your school’s name.

10. Binders. Oh yeah, remember binders. Maybe your old school and still use a notebook or binder for something. Add those stickers and make it your own. Have fun with it.

Stickers are a super fun, affordable way to customize almost anything. They aren’t a big commitment and usually can be easily removed if you change your mind. From big, like a car or kayak, to small, like a jar or notebook, they can go anywhere. Be creative, not only in where you put the stickers, but also in the design.