10 Tips for a Perfectly Optimized Website


Have you considered hiring a search engine optimization agency for your website? If so, well done. With the help of professionals, you are far more likely to actually get somewhere. However, it is always beneficial to also know a little bit about what it is that they will actually be doing. Hence, let’s take a look at the 10 most important things that they will do for you.

10 Things an SEO Agency Will Do for You

  1. They will start straight away and make sure your website is just about one thing. There literally is no time to waste, because your competition is already online with an optimized site. Hence, you will both agree on one primary topic, and that is what they will start with.
  2. They will put keywords in all the important places. This includes page content, page titles, blog categories, taglines, descriptions, domain names, and sit titles.
  3. They will make sure there are internal links on your site. This means that your site is easier to navigate.
  4. They will put keyword in your permalinks. This is one of the most important things for SEO. Your URL structure should include keywords and text.
  5. They will take anything off your site that slows it down. This includes heavy Flash applications or JavaScript, large images, music players, and plugins you don’t need.
  6. They will make sure the names of your images have keywords in them as well.
  7. They will look for other website that have content that is relevant to you, and link to them. These are outbound links and you shouldn’t have too many of them, as you are giving other sites a higher ranking through it. However, if you put them in the right place in the right amount, then the Google robots will see how you trust in other people’s authority as well.
  8. They will make sure that your website is constantly updated, and will never see your website as a finished project.
  9. They will check that your website has actually been indexed by all the search engines. While this is supposed to be done automatically, there is just too much new stuff online for the search engines to keep up. Hence, it is best to index manually, or at least check if the automatic index has been completed.
  10. They will get other websites to link back to you. These are the most important links in the world of SEO. While it was proven in step 7 that you placing trust in other people is important, them placing trust in you is even more important. It means that they agree that you are an authority, and send page ranking points your way. Your SEO company will achieve this by finding good websites that accept guest blogs, and getting high quality content together that others will want to post.

There you have it, what a good SEO agency will do for you.