10 Reasons to Quit Your Job and Go Travelling

Thinking about quitting your job to go travelling? Tempting, isn’t it? Often, though, there’s so much to think about with a decision like this that you end up putting it off and never biting the bullet. Here is why you should start making plans to work, live, and travel abroad today (plus some inspiring pictures to give you an extra push in the right direction). Trust us; you’re not going to regret it.


If this view isn't among the reasons to quit your job and go travelling, then we don't know what to tell you ...

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You Don’t Need As Much Money As You Think

As long as you’re choosing to work abroad, you don’t need as much money as you think. Sure, you will need to front the flights and your living costs for a while, but it’s surprisingly easy to get hired online, from the comfort of your own home country. Some work schemes will even throw in the accommodation. On your days off, that’s when the adventures begin…

Your Skills Aren’t Going Anywhere

Working and travelling abroad isn’t going to bankrupt your skill-set. Your skills are still going to be there when you return home (if you return home). Going to another country will enhance any skills you have now, and even add further skills to your arsenal. Which leads me to…

Take Your Communication Ability up a Notch

Learning to talk to strangers in a foreign country is hard, but when you have no other options, you soon pick it up. Often, you will be wrestling with an unfamiliar language, and there will always be communication issues, but you will develop crucial people skills that transcend nationality. And that’s precious.


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Survival Instincts

Don’t underestimate your capacity for survival. When your back is up against the wall, you will get yourself out of that situation. You will make it work. It’s amazing what you’re capable of, and you don’t even know it yet. Put yourself to the test, and you will soon start to trust yourself more, whenever life throws you a curveball.

It’s Easy, In Theory

So many people have made this decision before you even considered it as a possibility. The internet is swamped with advice on how to go about travelling abroad. Although actually seeing through your decision will be challenging at times, it’s surprisingly easy to set the wheels in motion.


Probably the most powerful reason to just quit your job now and go travelling: regrets. Don’t allow yourself to regret how you spent your life, later on down the line. You may make mistakes. You may find yourself in a worse financial position than before, but have you ever heard anyone say, “wow, I really regret travelling in my twenties – it was awful”? No. But you probably have heard people regret that they DIDN’T book that plane ticket.


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How Happy Are You?

A poignant question. Do you viscerally hate your job? Are you bored of your life? Do you need a change? Are you happy? If your answers are yes-yes-yes-no, start making plans to travel, because…

Time Is Your One True Asset

It’s true. So spend your time wisely. You only get one life. Don’t spend it hating your existence in an office cubicle. Your life is worth more than that.

Get to Know Yourself

Travel will really show you your true colours. You may be amazed at how much you like yourself, once you’ve gone through thick and thin, travelling in multiple countries. It can also bring out the best in you.

The Illusion of Security

You may think your current job and life is safe, but is it really? The future is fraught with uncertainty, and you never know where you might end up. Embrace change.  

Does This Look Like a Bad Choice to You?


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