Your pre-holiday tick-list


The days leading up to your holiday departure can be stressful to say the least. What if you forget something?

My answer? Write a list!

Some would say this is my answer to everything, but I’ve never forgotten anything yet, so it must work!

Here is your pre-holiday checklist – feel free to add your own ideas, or tick them off as you go.

How are you going to get to the airport?

Do you need to book a coach or train? Or are you going to drive yourself to the airport? I do this regularly, and I always book my parking spot through ParkBCP. Why? I much prefer knowing that the control over how I get to the terminal door is in my hands, and I don’t have to worry about getting worked up and stressed out beforehand. This is a service that is offered nationwide, so nobody misses out, including at the larger airports, with Heathrow Airport parking offered at great prices too. I’d highly recommend you check this out.

Have you printed everything out that you need?

Hotel vouchers, confirmation, flight boarding passes – if you need to print anything out, do it in good time.



Do you need a visa for your destination? Now this is something that needs to be done in good time before you go away, because it can be a time consuming process if you need to apply in person at a consulate. Many places won’t require a visa at all, but some will. This might take the process of applying online and printing out an e-visa, such as with the USA and Turkey, or you may just simply have to pay a fee when you arrive at the airport on landing, and obtain a visa stamp for a certain amount of days. Find out before you go.

Passport validity

Again, this needs to be done in plenty of time, because if you need to apply for a renewal on your passport, you could be looking at a delay if there is a backlog. Make sure you allow at least six months left on your passport for any destination, just to be sure, and check out if there are any special regulations for your particular destination.

Travel insurance

Make sure you book some insurance, and never be tempted to travel without it! The risk simply isn’t worth it. Head to an online price comparison site to find out the best policy and price for you, and remember to declare any pre-existing conditions.

Immunisations and health matters

Do you need any immunisations or anti-malaria medication for your destination? If you do, get them at least three weeks before you go away. If you’re not sure, ask your GP or look on the NHS website for reliable information. The same can be said for any repeat prescription medication you need – make sure you have enough supply for your time away, and pack them in your hand luggage, in the original packaging, with your name on.

This is my essential pre-holiday check list. The last thing to add? Don’t forget to have fun!