Where Are The Best Coworking Spaces In New York?

Coworking spaces come in different varieties and flavours, each one carving out a space in New York City’s vast landscape. With the members setting the tone of each enclave, the wonderful thing about coworking in NYC is that you can actually find gems in the numerous spaces that are a part of this vast landscape. In fact, the coworking space landscape is not seen as quite a glut, as the opportunity to work with like-minded professionals in a dynamic space at rock bottom prices is very attractive to urbanites used to paying premium prices to occupy exclusive office space.

The reason many of these spaces are so popular is because of the ingenuity behind placing creative professionals in one room and letting them go at it during normal business hours. By the end of the business day, NYC professionals not only have networked, gotten to know each other, collaborated, but they have also created an innovative product by day’s end. While there is a cornucopia of spaces in and around the city, professionals might find that the concentration of good spaces will find them in upscale, established spaces, hard knock hangouts, and gentrified art colonies.

Keep reading to learn about where to find the best coworking spaces in NYC.

Manhattan – Financial District

Manhattan’s FiDi is considered one of the most exclusive places to work in the city, and for good reason. This area is probably one of the most well-respected in the country and well-regarded around the world. Because of the institutions that sit in this area, those who choose to join coworking spaces in the area benefit from being around those who work with money all day.

Click onto the following link http://www.servcorp.com/en/coworking/locations/united-states/new-york/one-world-trade-center/ to see how a typical coworking space might appear in the city. As you can see, this particular fit out is in 1 World Trade Center and is occupied by some pretty big wheels in the city. The New York Stock Exchange and the Federal Reserve Bank of New York are just a few to sit in this building.


Another popular area where businesses might see a lot of coworking spaces is Brooklyn. Brooklyn is attractive simply because this diverse borough is comprised of people from a number of nationalities from around the world. In addition to traditional immigrant communities from Western and Eastern Europe; Caribbean, Chinese, Hispanic, Greek, and Muslim communities have all flourished in different parts of this area. Those who choose coworking spaces in this area will be introduced to the patchwork of identities that have come to define this space.

Just as the community itself is diverse, the coworking communities are very similar in character. Coworking professionals are likely to encounter coworking communities with a variety of missions. For the most part, this area is made up of working-class communities that come to form the populations of professionals who work in coworking spaces in the area.


Finally, Soho is traditionally defined as an artist community that has been gentrified. While the cost of real estate is typically very expensive, professionals looking to work in the area can actually find coworking spaces that are somewhat affordable. The coworking spaces in the area reflect its artistic and creative roots while conveying a more sophisticated attitude.

Where To Find Great Coworking Spaces

Of the areas reviewed, these areas are the ones that kept showing up in many sources. Their popularity might stem from the city’s roots and the practicality that goes with providing spaces to communities who are all about shared workspace and developing business relationships around these communities. Ultimately, great coworking spaces can be found in any part of NYC, but you are more likely to get a great start by looking at these spaces.