Top equipment for tech nomads

More and more these days, tablets are becoming essential equipment for tech nomads ... photo by CC user scobleizer on Flickr

Advances in phones, consumer electronics and other technology have drastically changed the way we work and communicate over the last few decades. For many, those advances have provided an exciting opportunity – to work remotely from far off locales; connected to the office by an email address. Others use gadgets and phones to stay in touch while travelling, or to provide a lifeline in case of emergency.

For myriad reasons many of us will now spend at least some time combining work, travel and adventure; often is less prosperous countries where living costs are lower and the climate more amenable. Its now more than possible to carry all your essential tech in a backpack, making true “tech nomadism” a reality. Here we take a look at the essential kit for travelling while working.

Fanny pack

The fanny pack will never be the coolest of travelling accessories, but it can help protect you against pickpockets and keep your essentials close to hand. Remember when abroad you are a lot more vulnerable than you would be at home – language barriers, indifferent police forces and lack of a safety net make it worth making an unfashionable choice.


If you’re travelling between different countries regularly, it may be advisable to own a cheap, disposable handset that you can easily insert a local SIM card into. However, if you plan to stay in one place for a while then a local smartphone contract give you much more freedom.

Instant messaging apps are a godsend to tech nomads, for fairly obvious reasons, so try and convince friends and colleagues to sign up for the same service before you leave. Of course, there are also a number of productivity apps that can help keep your work on track. When coordinating a project, for example, Trello makes it incredibly easy to divvy out work, set deadlines and manage teams.

Most tech nomads would either go for a smartphone/laptop package, but advances in tablets mean it is now possible to ditch the bulk of a laptop and use a tablet, with roll up keyboard if required.

Betting apps

Sports fans will often be disappointed to discover that their favourite events aren’t screened in their new home country. If you can’t cut loose from your favourite team, one simple solution is to stream matches through betting apps. Many bookmakers offer a streaming service if you place a nominal (say £1) bet pre match; from there its an easy step to alter your IP address to appear as if you’re browsing from home – problem solved!

Gamblers may also be disappointed to find out that, outside of Europe, few countries offer legal online betting. is accessible from around the world; but naturally wouldn’t accept registrations from a country where gambling is illegal. Create your account before leaving to maintain access to your favourite slots and table games.

SPOT Communicator/Personal Tracker

This last step may be a bit overkill if you’re travelling well trodden tourist trails, where you’re unlikely to be out of phone reception. SPOT Communicator can turn your phone into a satellite communication device, meaning you’ll never be unreachable again.

In an extreme situation SPOT can beam your coordinates to emergency services and (hopefully) get you help. Of course you will hope to never use it, but if you’re going somewhere off the beaten track, or known to be dangerous, this app could save your life.