Tips for throwing a large gathering

By following these Tips for throwing a large gathering, you can pull off that gallery opening like a pro
Photo by CC user gsapponline on Flickr

Planning your first event? While you may be nervous right now, following a few rules of thumb makes it likely that it will go off much better than you are expecting. Check out our tips for throwing a large gathering below…

1) Spread the word

The most crucial aspect of planning an event is to spread the word to desired attendees. Fortunately, this task has become considerably easier in the age of the internet, as social networks such as Facebook come with highly effective event planning tools.

In addition to the many features they provide planners, they remind attendees (and those that said ‘maybe’) multiple times of your event in the week leading up to it. This makes it easy to figure out who is likely to attend, and persuade those on the fence to commit, thereby making the logistics of planning your gathering much simpler.

2) Use stackable chairs and tables

While people at your event will want to mix and mingle, at some point they will want to sit down, especially when the time comes to eat or have a drink.

Once you know how many guests will be attending, put in an order for all the stacking chairs and tables that you will need. That way, you won’t have late arrivals standing around awkwardly when they would rather be sitting down.

3) Use music appropriate for your crowd

Nothing sets the mood for an event quite like well-chosen music. What tunes should you play? The answer to this question will depend on the crowd that is coming to your gathering. If you are planning a party for young adults, then pop and hip-hop music will be well-received.

If it is an office gathering, non-controversial adult contemporary music may be more appropriate. If you are at all uncomfortable picking music yourself, consider hiring the services of a professional DJ.

4) Have plenty of food and drink on hand for your guests

Any event worth its salt should have food and drink of some variety available for guests. Again, the context of the gathering will dictate what drinks or food is appropriate.

A gallery opening may be the perfect time to bust out cheese / charcuterie platters, crackers, as well as some moderately-priced bottles of wine.

At a midsummer outdoor gathering, ice cold sodas / beers and barbecued steaks and burgers will likely be well-received by attendees.