Three of the Most Creative Hotels around the Globe

Fiji Poseidon Undersea Resort and spa

For those thirsty travellers in search of unique and exciting experiences there are some amazingly atypical hotels around the world! If people would normally not choose to spend their nights in a pipeline, a prison, a safe boat, or even in the middle of a lake, you should know that there are some incredible hotels that mimic a safe boat, a pipeline or a prison and they are quite popular among tourists from all over the world. You would believe that for most travellers the hotel depends pretty much on the destination. Well, there are some travellers though, that visit a certain country just for the sake of a hotel. You must wonder: how special can those hotels be?

First created for accommodation as an art project in 2004, the Survival Pod Hotel in Amsterdam is a unique place to spend you holidays. It started as an artistic idea, but now the unusual hotel is known all over the world, especially among those who want to take their trips to the next level. Offering a quite limited space, the “rooms” are fully furnished and can host up to three persons, although it can get a little bit crowded. No matter how comfortable or not this experience will be, one think is for sure: You will be safe!

Izismile - Alcatraz Hotel Germany

Located in the western city of Kaiserslautern, Germany, the Alcatraz Hotel is a former German prison that is currently an extremely popular hotel, hosting numerous tourists every year. Not only that the concept is quite bizarre, but given the fact that this was a real prison only some decades ago, an experience at the Alcatraz Hotel is creepy and exciting at the same time. You might think that spending a couple of nights behind bars is definitely not an enjoyable experience, but having to pay for it, is absolutely crazy! An adventurous hotel with a special ambience, this place is not for everybody. The bad news is that most of the rooms are so similar to the former jail cells, that the bathroom is not separated from the room. However, the good news is that you can go out of your cell and walk freely for as long as you like.

Probably one of the most fascinating hotels on the face of Earth, Poseidon Underwater Resort, in Fiji, is an astonishing place to spend your holidays. Given the fact that this amazing hotel provides its visitors with an impressive view of the ocean, the waiting list is unbelievably long. In fact, you might have more chances to get a new heart than getting a room in this stunning hotel. However, if you do plan to make a trip to Fiji, keep in mind that it is worth being patient and saving money for the marvelous experience that this resort has to offer.