Slot Machines vs Table Games

It’s no doubt one of the biggest questions asked by new gamblers: what’s better if you’re hoping to leave the casino with more money than when you walked in, slot machines or table games? Today we’re on a mission to find an answer with the help of the experts from Bgo Casino.

Slot Machines

Packed with ringing bells and flashing lights, slot machines are more popular than tables, particularly in the world of online gambling. They require no complicated betting strategies and boast low minimum stakes. Many feature big progressive jackpots, too, meaning just one spin could see you land a multimillion-pound win.

Table Games

However, whilst slot machines are great fun, they can eat into your bankroll fast. They rank amongst some of the most volatile games in the casino. For this reason, experienced gamblers tend to favour table games over slot machines. From poker to blackjack, many tables rely on skill as well as luck. This means that you can bring down the house edge significantly by implementing a basic betting strategy.

Our Verdict

If you’re hoping for steady payouts, table games are probably the more sensible option. However, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t shake things up and try your luck on a few slot machines or online slots now and again. Who knows, you could win one of those big progressive jackpots . . .