Simple and easy to use tools for your business

Running a business is a demanding and time consuming task. The manager or CEO has to take care of every project individually to complete every task on time and efficiently. As an outcome, the supervisors make a use of numerous complicated and hard to recognise Excel files that are unknown for random workers. Today, it is the high time to change it and start using sophisticated but extremely easy to use tools. This article will tell more about one of them called Prodio.

1. The most significant features to use Prodio software

2. The industries where Prodio software is used

The most significant features of Prodio software

Prodio as a manufacturing software will help you to plan production in your company and calculate every cost and details in a given project. The software is user friendly, so it means that the date input does not take much time and it will be easy to understand and recognise by other workers involved in the task.

Secondly, every supervisor can create the production plan that will consists of the most important order details such as the name of the work order, deadlines, and the name of the employees who are assigned to complete the tasks. This simple manufacturing software is designed to provide you the current information on the project immediately. Moreover, the supervisor does not have to go to the office to see the progress of the project – the production plan is available online, so in every place in the world where you have access to the Internet.

The last benefit that is worth mentioning is registration of working time. This software may also be essential in checking the attendance of the workers. Prodio can also work together with cards which workers use to enter the work place. In this way, the supervisor knows about the employees’ absences and holidays. It also helps to calculate their salary better.

The industries where Prodio software is used

Prodio – manufacturing software small business is an appropriate tool for medium and small companies. What is more, due to its professional layout and simplicity in use, it is widely used in numerous industries. Those are following: advertising, masonry, tool shops, machining, cardboard packaging, machinery production, injection moulding, carpentry and many more. Prodio software will be a great tool for every company that requires supervising of many projects that are completed by variouos employees who sometimes need to be supervised and get the feedback from the manager fast.