Preparing for a Vacation When Running a Small Business

Everyone needs to take a vacation from time to time. If we do not get some time off from work we are going to completely burn ourselves out. Working nonstop all year long is bad for your health and the health of your company whether you realize it or not.


Sometimes preparing for a vacation seems like it’s going to be more work than worth the hassle. But you have to realize that it’s better than going on vacation and having your employees call you 24/7 every time they run into the simplest problems. There has to be a happy medium, right?

So many small business owners worry that they’ll end up in a hotel room hunched over their laptop during their entire vacation. Other small business owners have really active imaginations and believe that their company is going to implode the second they step outside of the picture.

The great news is that you can legitimately take a stress-free, work free, worry free vacation if you own a small business. You can leave your laptop at home and only pick up your phone or tablet if you feel like playing Candy Crush or reading the latest posts on Facebook.

Does this seem like the ideal vacation for small business owners? If so, please pay attention to the practical tips that we are about to share. By following our recommendations, you will have an honest-to-goodness opportunity to enjoy a really wonderful, interruption free vacation. And you might be able to do this for the first time since you opened your small business.

3 Steps to Prepare for a Vacation When Running a Small Business

  •        Preparing for your vacation well in advance – if you truly want to enjoy a pleasurable vacation, the best way to make this happen is to prepare well in advance before ever stepping foot out the door of your small business. Think about all of your responsibilities as a small business owner and figure out ways to delegate to them to your trusted employees and temporary workers. Always contact all of your clients ahead of time and let them know about your vacation. Some of them are going to worry and fear that something will go wrong without your presence in the office. Put their minds at ease and let them know that your highly trained staff is there to help them and can handle anything that gets thrown their way.
  •        Train and prepare your employees for your time away from your small business – now that you’ve figured out which tasks your employees are going to handle while you are away, it’s time to begin training them so that they are prepared for every eventual problem that might arise. As a small business owner, you must schedule your vacation ahead of time. This way you’ll have enough time to thoroughly train all of your employees so that they can easily handle the additional tasks that you intend to assign them while you are gone. Training and employee preparation is the key to having a successful, interruption free vacation.
  •        Create and follow a set of rules for yourself – your small business is your baby. There is no denying this fact. You’re going to be tempted to check in on your employees throughout the day. Don’t do it. Schedule an appointed time to check in with your employees – ideally at the end of the workday, and only contact them at this time. Take a look at your timesheets on line to make sure that all of the necessary tasks are being completed correctly and within a timely manner. But again, only look at this once a day and refrain from checking it all day long.

It should be clear that it is possible to take a vacation when you own a small business. And you can do so without constantly being interrupted because your business will run smoothly while you are gone. Please use these guidelines and enjoy an exciting vacation that you so richly deserve.