Planning a Corporate Networking Event

A corporate networking event gives your company the chance to combine work with play and to create the ideal atmosphere to get across some corporate messaging that is important to your organization. Since your organization will control every element of the event from the agenda, to the location, to the attendees, it is the perfect time for you to set and execute some very specific goals that the event can assist in getting accomplished.

Of course, the networking can only begin once everyone arrives, so transportation is a big part of the planning process. This is why you’ll want to research different charter bus rental types. From coach buses to school buses, there are options out there to suit the needs of any group or budget.

When you strategize the corporate networking event there are certain things you can do to make the event as successful as possible. Here are a few things that you should focus on when you are planning your corporate networking event.

Only Invite Relevant People

Many companies have the urge to invite everyone from the company to a corporate networking event. You should fight this urge and only invite those people from the company who need to attend. If your aim is to get the marketing department of your company closer together, only invite them because it will give them each time to spend together without distractions from other departments. If the goal is to bring two departments together give them the chance to bond on their own without others getting involved. If the event is about the entire company then by all means invite everyone, and again make sure everyone knows why they are there.

Make the Environment Different From the Office

What are the great things about having a corporate networking event is that you can get you a team out of the office environment and into a completely new and different surroundings. When you take people out of an environment where they are comfortable, you can get them to open their minds to new concepts and ideas.

If the new environment is the right one, it’s the perfect opportunity for you to introduce additional important information that they can use to help become more effective for your company. If the idea is to introduce them to new clients and vendors, getting everyone into a relaxed environment that is conducive to meeting and Interactive, sets the perfect stage for creating good bonding. This is difficult to do in an office setting where one side might be trying to protect their turf and the other side might never get comfortable in that environment.

Have Fun but Stay Focused

Your corporate networking event should be an event where everyone has a great time. You might even want to invite different types of appropriate entertainment to get people to relax more and get into the mood. But make sure that the entertainment does not overshadow the goal of the event.

Quite often companies hire entertainers who sound great on paper because of their ability to entertain a crowd, but they completely take the focus off why the networking event is being held in the first place. When they are done with their act, you then have to spend a large amount of time trying to get your group back into the theme of the networking event. So make sure that you walk a fine line here if you intend on bringing entertainment. You want them to be entertaining but not overwhelming.

When you plan your event make sure that you go over every detail with other who are key to making the event a success. Get their input and provide yours as well. If you plan as a group, you will have an amazingly effective networking event that everyone will love.