Online Business Protection by SiteLock

Nowadays, with the boom of online retail and shopping, more and more small business owners are becoming aware that their online business needs to be present online. Since small business owners do not have millions of dollars dedicated to cyber security, they might not have comprehensive cyber security. This makes them vulnerable to cyber criminals who specifically due to these websites’ lower defenses.  SiteLock Scam insists that any small business owner with an online presence urgently needs some sort of cyber protection due to this vulnerability.


Things Could Indeed Get Really Bad

Would you want to wake up to your business website being taken over by online hackers who demand you pay them a certain amount of money to regain control of your website? What if hackers attack your website, rendering it impossible to process any requests, then eventually it just crashes? What would be your financial losses? How many potential clients would you lose in just one day of being not being operational? These scenarios are not fiction. In fact, they are happening to countless website owners every single day. Do not wait until it is your unlucky turn to be attacked before you start to even think about having some sort of cyber defense for your business website.

Flexible Online Protection Packages from SiteLock 

Digital security company SiteLock tackles the pesky problem of online hackers by devising a multi-angle approach for cyber defense. One type of protection defends against DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) attacks, which happen when a website is overwhelmed by so many fake requests that it crashes, rendering it unable to process legitimate requests. SiteLock also has a program that constantly scans a website to look for holes and vulnerabilities in its program and plugs them immediately. This method blocks malware, malicious programs that take advantage of blind spots in a website’s code to enter the website secretly to do all kinds of mischief like stealing clients’ data, or even deface your website. Adiitonally, SiteLock also has WAF (Web Applications Firewall), which blocks threats from web applications, where the majority of cyber threats come from.

Have Peace of Mind with a Trusted Company by Your Side

SiteLock is now known as one of the best cyber security expert companies. Established in 2008 by several IT defense veterans, SiteLock protects more than five million websites and has been named as one of the fastest growing companies in Arizona by Deloitte. Various respectable publications like Forbes, CNBC, Bloomberg Radio, and Entrepreneur have been singing their praises of SiteLock. The company has also been recognized by the Gartner as part of its 2015 Magid Quadrant for Application Security testing. Despite all these accolades, SiteLock is not planning to just sit on its laurels. The company continually aims to continue to offer reliable and affordable cyber security protection packages to small business owners in their ongoing battle against malicious hackers. It plans to achieve all these by constantly improving its online security products and services.