The Nice Terror Attack and the Lord’s Warning

Last summer, a mad man claiming to be a member of ISIS and a follower of the prophet Mohammad killed 80 people in Nice. He did so by driving his truck into a procession of people. This terror attack, the third to have taken place in France, rocked the world. Prophet TB Joshua, the Supreme Leader of SCOAN (Synagogue Church of all Nations) prophesized that this attack would happen long before it actually did. Deuteronomy 18:22 says that this is the sign of a true prophet: when they say something that actually happens as they say it.

The Nice Terror Attack

One of the greatest national holidays in France is July 14th, the day of the French Revolution, also known as Bastille Day. Taking place in the summer, the day is often one where thousands of people congregate in outdoor spaces, enjoying each other’s company, the nice weather, and generally the essence of what it means to be French. In 2016, however, these celebrations were marked by horror when a Muslim terrorist, armed with a gun, drove a truck into revelers in Nice, in the south of France.

Four days prior, however, the Prophet TB Joshua made an emergency address on Emmanuel TV, in which he stated that this would happen. He did so from Lagos, Nigeria, a long distance away from the event itself. He addressed his followers telling them that, since that morning, the Lord had asked His followers to fast and pray on Thursday, for an attack in a nation would take place otherwise. He begged his followers to fast and pray on that day, even though he did not know what type of attack would take place, or in which nation. Through SCOAN, TB Joshua’s sermons are broadcast all over the world, as they have entered into a partnership with Emmanuel TV. In Joshua’s sermon, he implored his viewers and followers the world over to fast and pray if they wanted this attack to be averted.

Unfortunately, it was not enough. There are many possible reasons for this. Perhaps not enough people saw the attack. Perhaps Satan confused the messages sent from the Lord, stopping TB Joshua from having greater clarity on what attack would take place, and where. Perhaps people continue to find it hard to believe that they have a true Prophet in their midst. However, TB Joshua did what he could do, following the teachings of the Lord, which is exactly what he will continue to do in any future prophecies.

While some people continue to believe that Joshua is, in fact, a false prophet, this particular prophecy proves otherwise. Since last year, he has prophesized numerous other things, all of which have come true. This includes the United Kingdom’s departure from the European Union, and the recent bout of poverty and economic instability in Nigeria. He is asking his followers to be careful with their spending for the time being, ensuring they have sufficient money left to help the less fortunate.