Madagascan Madness!


Have you ever considered visiting Madagascar? This island paradise off Africa’s southeastern coast offers plenty of sunshine, outdoor adventures, and beautiful exotic landscapes that you can explore. It is a truly fantastic choice for a holiday in a faraway place that is off the beaten track. Here are just a few of the adventures that await you in Madagascar.

A Unique Landscape

Madagascar’s topography is like nothing you have never seen. The coastline has a tropical climate with lovely white sand beaches fringed with palm trees. Further inland, you will find steamy jungle, which then gives way to the cooler and dryer central highlands. Further south, you will find a more arid climate. Therefore, you can visit several different climates on the same trip.

Remarkable Wildlife

Madagascar is home to flora and fauna that is found nowhere else in the world. Some examples include seven different species of lemurs, the beautiful vanilla orchid, and the stub-tailed iguana. You can see these and other unique species at the wildlife reserve Tsingy Bemaraha, which is a UNESCO World Heritage site and Madagascar’s largest reserve. An experience of a lifetime, it might take a day in a 4×4 to get there but you won’t regret taking the trip! You can also visit the Avenue of the Baobabs, where you can see over a dozen species of trees including the unique Baobab trees that line the road. It is truly spectacular at sunset.

Thrilling Outdoor Adventures

Outdoor enthusiasts will love Madagascar’s array of sports activities. You can try kayaking through the surrounding islands, deep-sea fishing, and windsurfing. There is also an annual diving competition where contestants dive and search for hidden cubes of cheese.

Delicious Food

Malagasy food is tasty, cheap, and makes use of the delicious local ingredients. Due to the French colonial history, there are many meals that have French influences, but include flavors like coconut, chili and vanilla. You can also find over a hundred varieties of bananas, which make a cheap and healthy dessert.


While Madagascar might have wildlife, landscapes and adventures in the country, the capital of Antananarivo is also worth a visit. It might not have the architecture of European capitals but the Lemurs Park, Marche Artisanale de La Digue and Royal Hill of Ambohimanga make the city unique.

Antananarivo by Olivier Lejade (Creative Commons)

Make It Happen!

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Once you have the money, get ready to experience all of the wonderful adventures that Madagascar has to offer!