Lighting Advice For A Bright And Friendly Dining Room

If you’re considering any design changes to your dining room, you should be thinking about lighting first and foremost. The way your dining room is lit can change the energy in the room, affecting the flow of conversation and the mood at the table. The lighting is part of the presentation. What does good lighting in a dining room look like? It’s balanced, dynamic, and atmospheric.

Balanced Lighting

The secret to successful dining room lighting is balance. You need more than just a single chandelier or source of overhead lighting, otherwise they will cast long shadows and the room will feel “flat.” Layers of light can be made through a combination of recessed lighting or track lighting, wall sconces, and low lighting. Dining rooms aren’t just for mealtimes. They’re used for homework, paying the bills, playing games, and more. The lighting in your dining room should be flexible to work for different purposes.

Overhead Lighting

When it comes to the dining room, a chandelier is a classic choice. The industrial look is very much in fashion right now, meaning chandeliers that use metal and wrought iron are popular options. If you want to update your chandelier but stick to tradition, go with a crystal chandelier. Crystal chandeliers have a timelessness to them that will never go out of fashion. You can also find crystal chandeliers with Mid-Century Modern-inspired shapes and design that will keep your dining room up to date. Crystal chandeliers are an elegant but affordable touch that will elevate your dining room décor.


Dimmers are an absolute necessity in the dining room. Dimmers allow you to control overhead lighting for any occasion. Most dining rooms serve many different functions. They’re not just for big holiday dinners. Some families use them for every meal. You can keep the lights on full when the kids are doing their homework at the table and create a more atmospheric lighting at mealtimes. Dimmers can help you create a romantic atmosphere over a bottle of wine, too. Great dining room lighting is all about context and having control.

Low Lighting

Low lighting will help balance overhead lighting from a chandelier. You can create a romantic, warm atmosphere using candles on the dining table. Lighting from candles is gentler on the eyes and allows you to bring down the overhead lighting a notch. Lower lighting will help you relax after a long day and it can help you get ready to go to sleep. Overly bright lighting can keep you awake by stimulating the brain, preventing you from getting a good night’s sleep.

Floor Lamps

Another way to balance lighting in a dining room is with floor lamps or lamps placed on cabinets. They will add another dimension to the lighting in your dining room.

The dining room is one of the most important rooms in the house. Proper lighting will make it more livable for everyday uses and make a warm and inviting environment when you’re hosting big family meals.