John Barksdale on a Targeted Social Media Marketing Campaign

People like John Barksdale have become experts in digital marketing and business marketing. They continuously look for ways to improve their skills. They are also committed to empowering others to build similar successes, which includes teaching them about how to target a social media campaign.

John Barksdale on Social Media Marketing

It is important to understand how specialized social media marketing actually is. It is a very affordable, sometimes even free, method of advertising and one that is incredibly effective. All people need to have to use it is time – but also some expertise in terms of how to make it successful. Too many businesses have thrown all they have in their social media marketing because it is so affordable, only to actually do a lot of damage to their business by sharing things people simply do not want to see.

Starting a social media campaign starts by identifying which platform to use and there are many to choose from. Each has its own pros and cons. Facebook, for instance, is huge but it is also coming under fire for data sharing. LinkedIn is brilliant for professional contacts but quite boring for everything else. Twitter is a great way to share rapid news, but it is also full of bots, trolls, and fake news. Instagram is popular among the younger audience, but it is quite limited to sharing pictures only. If possible, you should sign up to as many social media sites as you can comfortably manage properly. If you can’t do it properly, it is best to not do it at all.

To make those decisions, you should not just consider which platform you are most comfortable with. Rather, you should consider which one your audience is most likely to use and why. If your audience is made up of younger people, then Snapchat and Instagram are the way forward. It doesn’t matter if you have never used those platforms before, you will have to learn about them if you are to have a successful social media marketing campaign.

It is, thankfully, possible to automatically share updates from one social media site on another, which means it is visible across all your different channels. However, be aware of the fact that certain sites have limitations in terms of numbers of characters, such as Twitter, and others only allow certain types of content to be shared, such as pictures on Instagram.

People like John Barskdale feel that, wherever possible, businesses should considering hiring a social media expert to help them with their campaign. Just because something is free to use and used by millions of people does mean it is also easy to use. Sharing the wrong content, such as President Trump retweeting Britain First, can damage someone’s reputation to the point that it may no longer be repaired. It is important, therefore, to understand that while social media marketing is a new form of marketing, it does still follow certain similar rules of conduct.