How to Express Yourself With Confidence

Self expression is an incredibly liberating thing, having the confidence to be who you are in thought, word and deed. Having such confidence to do so is not always easy, we live in a society where we are told who we should be and how we should act which can give people a lack of confidence to simply be who they are. The thing is, a world where everyone looks the same is boring and a world where everyone acts the same is even worse, we should be encouraging self expression, not restricting it. If you feel as though you can’t properly let yourself go then here are some tips to bring that confidence back.

Ignore the Trends

The fashion industry is a fickle beast, it changes month to month, season to season, year to year. Fashion in itself is basically created for other fashionistas and far too often the people who decide what is cool and what looks good, are people who are slaves to trends. It is important that you feel comfortable in your own skin, and the clothing that you put on it. If you want to wear multicoloured patchwork clothing in the street then go for it, if you want to rock some sexy costumes on a night out, then go for it, if you want to have bright pink hair, then go for it and if you want to run around in the snow wearing sexy lingerie then guess what, go for it. Ignore the looks people give you, wear what you want and feel comfortable.

Pick Your Friends

We’re not suggesting that you trash all of your buddies and go find new ones but having like-minded friends around you is important for your self expression and you’re all round wellbeing. Equally as important is not having friends around you that don’t support who you are, if you have friends that don’t add value to your life then it is time to start distancing yourself from them. Finding new friends after the age of 25 can be tricky, especially like-minded friends, look for clubs or social places that fit in with your interests, this will be the best place to find those that think like you do.

Stop Caring as Much

One thing that prevents people from expressing themselves is that they care far too much what others think about them, regardless of how crazy or tame you may be, others will often look to do you down. The simple truth is that ignorance is bliss in this situation and you should simply let any looks or comments about you from others, wash over you and focus on the people who are important to you, they’re the people you should care about. Also it is more than likely that those who look down on you for whatever reason, are probably frustrated because they feel that they can’t express themselves and they’ve likely followed the herd. If you are expressing yourself with confidence and people don’t like it then remember that it is you who is the winner.