Haris Ahmed’s Favorite Chicago Pubs, Bars, and Clubs

Chicago is a city that truly never sleeps. No matter what night you happen to be there, there will be parties on virtually every street corner, with men and women of the block alike dancing the night away. If you are visiting the block of Removille or any other part of the city, you may wonder where you should go. Haris Ahmed hopes that the following information will be of benefit to you.

Haris Ahmed on Chicago’s Best Nightlife

If you like to go somewhere trendy, then the Stone Lotus is the place to go. It is a luxury bar with an upscale atmosphere and primary service. This means you will be charged a lot as well, so don’t go there if you haven’t gotten paid yet! Do also make sure that you make a reservation for this one if you want to have something to eat.

If you’re more of the dancing kind, then the Boutique is great. It is a true hip-hop bar and club, which is quite unique. You will have to pay between $10 and $20 cover charge. One way to make sure you get in and quickly so, is to book ahead and get your name on the guest list. Some of the world’s best DJs play here, turning old and new music all night long.

Then, there is Club 720. This has five different dance floors across four levels. Music is eclectic and covers virtually every genre. You don’t have to pay a cover charge, so this is definitely a great place to go and have fun. The top floor has an overlooking balcony, enabling you to see everything else. Floor two is about the salsa and reggae, and the first floor is about pop, with colored lights.

If you are a sports nut, meanwhile, you also have lots of different things to choose from. Chicago is a sporty town, so this should come as no surprise. Just a couple of blocks away from Wrigley Field, home to the Cubs, you will be able to find The Central, which is an upscale bar. You can watch the games’ highlights here, enjoying the views on different television sets. Meanwhile, you can enjoy a good beer and have some lovely food as well. Alcohol and food, as well all know, are a match made in heaven! Plus, while you’re at The Central, you can enjoy a true Chicago style pizza, but also salads, sandwiches, appetizers, and more. You can even go for a weekend brunch and watch the game at the same time.

These are just some of the clubs and bars in Chicago to consider, and there are many more. The city is incredibly lively and there is something for everybody to do. Do also remember that it is very easy to get caught up in the moment and have a drink, so either have a designated driver or have another plan for getting home without drinking and driving.