Time for exciting travels

If you are looking for some exciting travels, Quito, Ecuador is a great place to go ... photo by CC user 16448758@N03 on Flickr

Where to vacation is always a hard a thing to figure out. Where? When? For how long? It all depends on what you want to get done. There are cities all over this country and even outside of this country that are already very popular and a safe choice; Palm Springs, Cabo, Maui, Cancun, San Diego, even New York City. But what about the places that are not super touristy? They certainly make for exciting travels, as you will see below…

Quito, Ecuador

This is truly a hidden gem inside of South America. Sadly because of how close to Columbia it is, people automatically assume that its dangerous. And like every other country in the world, if you are not trying to cause problems, you will not have any. But this place truly provides an array of cultures and amazing food. The people are humble and the scenery is great. Plus, if you can get here, then you have already dealt with the most expensive part. Food, living, and souvenirs are extremely affordable.

Portland, Oregon

Yeah its Oregon, many people underestimate this state. Imagine this, crisp air, stunning trees, bohemic city vibes and decently priced cuisine. They have food from almost every continent, and its priced pretty well. This place is centralized nicely in the state and only a couple hours commute to Washington state, its less populated sister state. Oregon has a pine scent, and commuting anywhere is like a journey in the red wood forest.

Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

“Toes in the water, back in the sand, not a worry in the world just a cold beer in your hand, life is good today, life is good today.” Lyrics from a song that truly captures the essence of this beautiful paradise. You look at post cards of this place and think, “There is no way it really looks like this.” Oh, but it does my friend it does. The waters are aqua blue filled with the most beautiful array of sea creature life. Do not surpass this beautiful place, the last, most obvious benefit is…..drum roll please, the food.

San Diego, California

That is almost enough said, its the golden coast, the real state of dreams. Two hours from Hollywood, minutes away from famous beaches, food from every section of the world, a population too match. Beaches anytime you head west, beach towns to melt over, and a touch of Latin influence that makes all of the food, product of a food dream and gives the best of food comas. Shopping in this city is too die for, and has something for everybody in the family and has legendary on land and in water boat tours.

Traveling is fun, and can create memories for the whole family. But its not necessarily always easy and there are things too keep in mind.

Budget correctly, do not choose locations that are going to cause you to not make your next mortgage payment, because while you may be creating memories abroad, the next set of memories you could be making are of you packing up your house. And nobody wants that.

Pack correctly. Please look up the climate, its smart. Look up weather conditions, normal weather patterns and pack accordingly. It is crucial to invest into durable luggage that will protect your belongings as well. Briggs and Riley Luggage provides clothes from being affected by any climate and weather changes. Because you do not want all your clothes being ruined on vacation. There is no reason for a brand new wardrobe.

Traveling is amazing, and can open your eyes to new places and for some people can really change lives and maybe find you a new home.