Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

Yarra Valley, vineyards at Yarra Yering by tico24

As much fun as it is to enjoy a fabulous date with the man in your life, there is nothing that can compare to a getaway with the girls. From giggling over wine as you get ready for a night out on the town to indulging in some serious retail therapy, having fun with your closest friends is the perfect way to spend a weekend. Whether you are big spenders enjoying a once in a lifetime trip or a few gals on a tight budget, you can also plan something exciting. Gather your girlfriends and start planning an epic adventure with one or more of these suggestions.

Sip Wine in Yarra Valley

If you have had enough of the nightclubs and hectic schedules in Melbourne, check out for a few days and escape to Yarra Valley with your closest gal pals. Since it’s just 45 minutes away, you won’t have to waste all your time in transit. If you are feeling super indulgent, check into the Chateau Yering. You can all crowd into one of the suites and start getting ready together while sipping some of the local wines. Once you are dressed to kill, take a seat in the exquisite Eleonore’s Restaurant and dine on smoked Crystal Bay prawns, roasted duck breast or tortellini. Don’t feel guilty about the wine tasting or the lavish Devil’s chocolate cake for dessert; because you can sweat it out the next day in the swimming pool, the spa or on the private tennis courts!

Dance The Night Away in Canberra

If you get the chance to leave real life behind and live it up for 48 hours with your closest friends, Canberra is a great choice. Start by hitting up the sales in Canberra Centre in order to scoop up the sexiest outfits you can find for your night on the town. After you are dressed to impress, make your way over to Public Bar. This is a top spot for seeing and being seen, and you can indulge in some creative cocktails made by the handsome mixologists behind the bar. After a few tipples, grab a cab to Academy, a two-tiered nightclub that happens to the city’s largest. Submit your name on the online guest list at least 24 hours before, and you can feel like VIP and bypass the queue entirely.

Hit The Road With Your Girls

Sometimes the best way to bond with friends you don’t see very often is with a road trip. Something about experiencing new destinations is the perfect way to make memories, and it is these getaways that you will remember for years to come. The best length for a weekend road trip is somewhere less than five hours away, which allows you to get in plenty of sightseeing, shopping and drinking as well as time behind the wheel. If there are a few of you travelling together, Europcar vehicle rental is a cheaper option for vans or larger cars. Pile in, make plenty of stops along the way for snacks, and make sure that you let loose when you arrive at your destination. For an extra element of fun, don’t pick your destination in advance. Hire the car, climb in and then start driving until it is time to stop. There is something totally liberating about this kind of wild experience!


Take Advantage of Affordable Spa Days

Getting pampered while surrounded by your best friends is a fabulous way to spend the afternoon, but you might not feel like you have that option when you are on a budget. Thankfully, places like the Perth College of Beauty Therapy can let you indulge at less than half the price. Find out when the student training days are at your local beauty college and make reservations for a manicure, a massage or even a facial. You can indulge without spending a fortune. Another alternative is to have all your friends bring their favourite at-home spa and beauty treatments and recreate the spa experience at home. You will save money and have fun, and there are no restrictions on wine consumption as you paint your nails in your living room!

You don’t have to throw around a lot of cash or even travel far to have an amazing time with your friends. Grab your closest pals and hit the road to explore nearby cities, indulge in spa treatments or dance the night away in a hot club.