Get Your Fleet Fuel Tax Benefits For 2021

To any companies out there that run a fleet, you need to ensure you’re doing all you can to get the right amount of Fuel Tax Credits. This is a fantastic program which the government runs that allows companies using vehicles to claim back the duty which they are charged when buying fuel. Whilst most companies know all about this program, many are not doing enough to accurately claim back the level of tax which they are in fact entitled to. The solution to increasing accuracy here is through the use of GPS fleet tracking

We know that these fleet tracking devices can help us to save money, increase speed and keep our drivers safer, yet beyond this we can also use this tech to accurately claim back the right amount of Fuel Tax Credits, and here is how. 

FTC Management 

In order to unlock the benefits of this solution you will first need to find yourself a business which offers FTC management. There are numerous options for businesses here and each will provide you with some high end software which will be used to retrieve the data which the GPS tracking device sends. This is the most accurate way of managing the amount of fuel which has been used, and also makes the entire claims process very simple indeed. 

Easy Online Management 

The software which receives the information given by the GPS unit allows management to look at fuel usage and what they will be entitled to regarding FTC. This is all easily visible in a single dashboard and it can greatly help with the claiming of credits, and financial planning. This is all of the evidence that the business needs to prove fuel usage over the year, speeding up the claims process altogether. There is no training required to use this software and it is designed in such a way that all can operate it with ease. 

Benefits of Using a GPS Tracking Device For FTC

There is a wealth of benefits which businesses can count on when they use GPS fleet tracking devices to manage and to deliver data for their Fuel Tax Credits. The fundamental benefit is of course being able to maximize the claim, thanks to the level of real-time data which the tracker can deliver. Beyond this however you can also reduce errors and miscalculations which are made, that can delay the paying out of a claim. As well as streamlining the entire process, you will also allow for perfect compliance with the ATO Class Rulings which are in place, that companies must adhere to. 

GPS tracking devices are critical to the way in which we manage fleets across the country, but that little tracker can in fact deliver a great deal more for your company when it comes to tax claims. Make your life easier, more cost effective and ultimately more efficient, through the use of GPS devices to aid you in your company’s Fuel Tax Credit claims.