Get Mobile, Get Growing

get-growing_IGAlthough you may not instinctively relate horticulture with technology, a growing number of farmers and gardeners are integrating their smartphones into their work and hobbies. With the right phone, technology makes it easy to aid in your agriculture efforts. You can quickly download apps to your Galaxy S6 Edge, which is touted as Samsung’s most powerful smartphone, to aid in planting a garden, recognizing plants, or even tending to large fields.

If you’re one of the nearly 64 percent of Americans who own a smartphone, you can take advantage of the apps available to help you with your agricultural needs. If you’re new to gardening, or want some creative help in planting your flowers, My Garden Designer helps design or construct your garden. Leafsnap is another app you can download that offers a pictorial collection of different flowers, leaves, and plants. For the more serious farmer, ScoutPro Corn Consulting helps farmers to identify weeds, diseases, and bugs that are harmful for corn.

If you want to take the technology one step further, there are also apps that can aid in watering your garden, tracking weather conditions, and maintaining databases of your garden readings. All of these apps are available for you to download to your smartphone and can take the guesswork out of starting or maintaining your garden or fields. Even if you only garden casually, these apps will help you to maintain your garden and help it thrive. For those who garden or farm as their career, these apps can make the process easier and help you be more efficient. Check out the information below to see how you can integrate current technology into your garden or farm.