Get Active in Mauritius on Your Luxury Holiday


The island of Mauritius, located in the Indian Ocean, is a diverse destination. The island is a natural choice for vacationers who are looking for a refined and luxurious getaway. With expanses of beach and a diverse selection of animals, fish and birds, Mauritius is the perfect place to relax and let go of all your worries. If it’s an adrenaline rush you’re after however, the island has many options to appease your adventurous side as well.

Trail Exploration

Why not experience Mauritius from a different perspective on a scout-led tour? The tour gives you access to lookouts and viewpoints that are not accessible by any other means, as many are located on privately owned property. In total, there are 26 opportunities for picture taking and basking in the beauty of the island, and at the end of the tour, you will have easily seen 90 per cent of this hotspot. A Land Cruiser SUV will take you up rocky paths and mountains in order to show you all that the island has to offer. This tour takes a very limited number of participants, so be sure to book well in advance to guarantee your spot.


Mauritius is home to the breath-taking Tamarin Falls, but the only way to get up close is by travelling down the walls of rock to get to the pool at the bottom. Different levels of programs are offered to allow even novice participants the chance to experience this natural wonder. An instructor will teach you what you need to know to safely navigate you’re your way down and you will be rewarded with a snack once you get to the bottom. To end the climb, participants can zipline their way to a watery landing and also have the chance to cliff jump. This is a great activity for those who like a little bit of a rush and can be booked as either a full or half day excursion.

Solar Sea Walk

If you have ever wondered what it would feel like to walk among fish on the ocean floor, you can find your answers in Grand Baie. The Solar Sea Walk experience has been offered since 1989 and can accommodate participants that are seven and above. For twenty-five minutes, you can walk with the ocean critters, feed them bread and experience life on the floor of the Indian Ocean, while five highly trained companions ensure you have a day out that’s both fun and safe.

Quad Biking

A massive nature reserve in Wolmar Flic en Flac offers quad biking excursions for willing participants. Your day begins with some training on the quad bike, allowing you some time to get comfortable with it before the ride begins. The tour travels through flats, ditches, forests and over rocky trails, with occasional stops where your guide will point out areas of interest. The tour ends with some refreshments, before participants ride back to the start, where they will be shuttled back to their resorts. If you want to experience the island at night, then this is also an option. Night tours offer you a great opportunity to see a variety of animals who call Mauritius home.

Quad biking in Mauritius
Quad biking in Mauritius

This is only a small selection of the activity choices that are available to you in Mauritius. For instance, the luxurious Club Med resort in Mauritius offers a circus school and sailing lessons, in addition to various differing water sports. Talk to the concierge at your resort and they will be able to book you in for the experiences that you fancy.

The author of this guest post is Alex Norman, a freelance travel writer who enjoys sharing his experiences with fellow travellers.