Funeral Costs Broken Down

Planning a funeral can be a difficult time for those who have just lost someone that they love and it is therefore important that you have as strong an understanding on what the various processes of a funeral entail, so that you can be best prepared should you ever find yourself in such a position. The last thing which anyone wants to think about after losing a loved one is finances and funeral arrangements but it is just something that has to be done.

Funeral prices can vary greatly depending on what kind of send off you wish to give that person and today we are going to look at the parts of the funeral which you need to make decisions on when it comes to how much you will spend.

Coffin Choice

Regardless of whether you opt for a burial or a cremation, you will need to choose a coffin for the deceased. There is a wide range of choices out there from different styles, different types of wood and many even come with customized designs. The price of coffins also have a wide range and you can spend anywhere from $1 to $25,000 on a coffin of your choice, depending of course on your financial situation.


If you are having a burial then you will need to choose a gravestone to sit atop the plot and much like choosing a coffin, the options and prices available to you have a huge range. You will need to choose which type of stone you would like to use, how much inscription you want on the stone and of course, the size of the gravestone itself. Simple headstones can cost as little as $500 whereas as something more ornate could set you back up to $10,000, once again this comes down to what you can afford.


Funeral directors, whilst not necessary when planning a funeral, are an expense that is absolutely worth it. there is nothing wrong with planning the whole funeral yourself but having a professional on board, who can arrange everything and keep your decision making and your involvement to a minimum during a difficult time,  makes a great deal of sense. Funeral services will also give you an all-in-one price for your funeral as well as some optional extras, knowing that you just have to pay one person for everything will also reduce any unwanted stress.

The Wake

The wake of the funeral is completely up to you in terms of how you do it, and how much you spend, some people like to have something low key and then spend the day with their families, others prefer to have a remembrance party and try to look for the positives in the life of the deceased. If you want to keep costs down then you could look at inviting people back to a house for some drinks and snacks, alternatively if you want to do something a bit grander, you could hire a catering company and rent a hall where everyone can come to pay their respects.