Efficient cooking: How to make the most from your kitchen space

As countless studies have found over recent times, the kitchen is a pretty important room in the house. It’s the room where we spend most of our time and when it comes to buying a new property, it’s also the room that seems to capture the most attention from prospective buyers.

The fact that it has also become an extended living space has hindered its effectiveness, in some situations. In a lot of kitchens, cooking feels like more of a chore than it really should be, and through today’s article we will introduce some “hacks” which can bring efficiency back to your kitchen space.

Does everything work properly?

It sounds an obvious question, but with so many appliances packed into the modern-day kitchen, you might be surprised at just how many of them aren’t working properly. In some cases, a fridge might not be operating at an efficient temperature, while on others an oven might be taking twice as long as it really should be to cook food. In any case, make sure everything is in order and www.serviceforce.co.uk/zanussi-repairs/ can provide a little more insight on this.

The art of decluttering

This next point sounds incredibly simple, but to say that we are in the age of cluttering would be a gross understatement. The kitchen in particular seems to attract a lot of clutter, from recipe books right the way to various ornaments.

In short, this doesn’t have to live here. It can get in the way, and hinder the whole cooking process. Find another home for it, and watch your productivity soar. The days of trying to carve out new space on your surface will be long gone.

On the subject of storage…

Let’s continue the theme of storage, but this time about how you organize your cupboard space. Another big frustration for a lot of homeowners is frantically darting between cupboards as they bid to find that final ingredient. Suffice to say, it’s something else that can halt your productivity, but there are several easy tips to help you along your way. Try categorizing your foods so that they are all grouped together, while also keep cutlery, pans and other utensils in a separate area so you are not constantly crisscrossing around the room.

Position your social space shrewdly

We have alluded to social space already, and spoken about how much more common it is in the modern-day kitchen. The problem that many of us face is that we design it completely incorrectly.

Many of us place the dining table or seating area right in the middle of the kitchen, or next to a key appliance such as the fridge. The result? The kitchen becomes a game of dodge-ball. You are constantly trying to dodge bodies as you cook, and it makes for a frustrating evening. Try and arrange your kitchen so the social area is put away on the side somewhere, leaving the “core” part of the room to be used for its primary purpose.