Casino Royale Hype is Back with New Movie and Secret Cinema Experience

Even those who don’t enjoy action movies know who James Bond is and where the beloved movie series started, with the 2006 movie Casino Royale. Nothing says glam and excitement quite like action, adventure and casinos so hyping the original movie were not hard at all. The series is back in the news and is easily hyped again. Not only are people going back and enjoying the movies again and partaking in casino games for nostalgia sake, they are getting even more involved than ever with the help of Secret Cinema.

What is Secret Cinema? It’s a unique offering that pairs so well with the air of excitement and adventure that started all those years ago with Casino Royale. Essentially, those who attend Secret Cinema are required to keep their status confidential and each movie that Secret Cinema shows is a unique offering and it is based on the theme, the characters and more. The Casino Royale theme ensures that this is going to be a great time, and those who get to attend will feel like they are stepping into the most glamorous casino in the world.

Casino Royale Meets the World of Espionage

Casinos are glamorous whether you’re playing online or playing in a brick and mortar casino but Secret Cinema is going to marry this glamour with a spy factor of some sort, based on the quote from their marketing that “the world of espionage has changed” and attendees will need to help. Each invitee will take on the part of a special agent with access to secret information, targets to be achieved, people to be greeted and more. The event will no doubt have a high class feel and those in the know are expecting a lavish Casino Royale theme. For those invited, this is sure to be a great time, because while playing at online casinos is fun and exciting and watching the movies from home can be entertaining, those things probably will not compare to the grandness of this event.

Secret Cinema: How it Works

Of course, those who go will view the new movie, but that is only part of the experience, much like going to the casino, playing games is just part of the overall experience. The night is four hours in length, and it’s been said that there will be filmic dreamscapes and secret story lines. Those who confidentially buy tickets will be required to play a specific character and will dress up and stay in character for the duration of the night. This promises to be more fun than playing in an online casino, even if you were to dress up and play the part of a spy!

This is an adult only event, with two ticket levels being offered. There is a M16 Employee Portal online ticket with a price range of £49 – £79 that will provide a mission briefing and secret agent name. There is also a VIP ticket option that is £125 – £175 and adds handlers, two free drinks, free food, a gift bag and fast track entry to the former ticket option. Both options sound like an amazing time!

The Secret Cinema Bond event takes place in London from June 5 through September 22, 2019. Not in London or able to get tickets to partake in the Secret Cinema fun? There are a lot of people in the same boat, so make yourself a martini (shaken, not stirred, just like Bond himself) and enjoy some time with your favorite online casino. While it may not be quite as exciting, you can at least enjoy the casino aspect of the event, and you can never go wrong with casinos!

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