A Business You Can Run From a Storage Facility

The phenomenon of food truck imported from the United States has been an undeniable success in European countries in recent years. The marriage of fast food and gastronomic recipes seduced consumers. As a result, more and more entrepreneurs are embarking on street-food by developing their own mini restaurant on street corners.

And in this area, starting up your mini restaurant business using a storage unit by setting it up yourself is a cost-effective way to save money, with the added benefit of having a storage unit that matches your needs. But we must know how to do it.

Why consider good planning?

The purpose of the interior layout of a storage facility is to have a convenient and optimized space to work safely without any jostling around you. For good space management, every square inch must be used wisely, since a storage facility is far less spacious than a real kitchen.

The first thing to consider for a good layout is … your menu! It will give you the variety and quantity of products you will need to cook and store. Are you planning to sell French fries? You will need a pro fryer. Will you offer salads, mixed pasta or fruits in glassware? You will need plenty of space to refrigerate your raw materials. Where to store all that? You should also think carefully about the dimensions of your work plans to allow one or more people to work at the same time if necessary.

All you need to get you started is a storage facility and a good location for your mini restaurant. If you live in or near Tucson, you can easily find theĀ best storage to start your business with no hassle.

Some essential equipment

As far as equipment is concerned, you will need at least the necessary equipment to cook, preserve and serve your customers. For the preservation of your products, refrigerators and freezers are unavoidable; everything depends on the quantity and nature of the food to be stored. The storage of your dry and non-perishable products can be done astutely in closed cupboards placed at height or under the worktops (attention, not under the sink that could become too wet).

Then, equip cooking appliances according to your needs: an oven (to be built-in if possible), a grill, a fryer, a toaster-maker, etc. A microwave will be provided to quickly warm dishes (even if some purists avoid them). Do not forget to provide electrical outlets at strategic points to power your appliances: at the baseboards, or on the side of the worktops.

Finally, you will need to opt for a good ventilation system, even if you work in a large enough volume open to the outside.

Comply with regulations

Running a mini restaurant is tantamount to practicing a restaurant business, so you must respect the safety and hygiene standards of this sector. Fire extinguishers, fire alarms, wash basin, sink, mains drainage, running water, garbage cans, etc. It is essential to equip yourself accordingly.

As for the exterior layout, use imagination and creativity: it will become particularly necessary to stand out from the competition while attracting customers. Opt for an original design, fresh, nice, and above all, to your image.