A Good Time to Select a Holiday in Tenerife

Tenerife - Las Teresitas Beach by elsua
Tenerife – Las Teresitas Beach by elsua (Creative Commons)

It is sometimes difficult to choose when to take a holiday in Tenerife. What will the temperature be like? How warm is the sea? How many hours of sunshine will there be? Below is an answer to the above questions to hopefully help you come to a decision.

Temperatures [average daily temperature in degrees centigrade]
January : 18.5
February : 19
March: 20
April : 20
May : 21
June : 23
July : 25
August : 26
September : 25
October : 24
November : 21
December : 19

Sea Temperatures [average in degrees centigrade]
January : 18
February : 19
March: 20
April : 21
May : 22
June :23
July : 22
August : 22
September : 21
October : 20
November : 19
December : 17

Daily Hours of Sunshine
January : 6
February : 7
March: 7
April : 8
May : 9
June :9
July : 10
August : 9
September : 8
October : 7
November : 6
December : 6

You will see from the above that a Tenerife holiday will be a warm one whatever time of the year you decide to travel. This is due to the trade winds, which means that the yearly average temperature is 23 degrees centigrade that produces a spring-like temperature through the year. This makes Tenerife an ideal location to spend your holidays or to enjoy a break at any time of the year.

In fact, the weather on Tenerife has been likened [normally] to a bright spring day. Surprisingly, even during the summer months, the weather can be kept fresh by the cold Canary currents. However, very occasionally during the summer the hot sirocco wind can blow from the Sahara that brings dust and generally high temperatures which can prove uncomfortable.

Puerto de Los Cristianos, Tenerife, (Creative Commons)

As for rainfall, this is generally light and varies across the island, with the north of the island being wetter than the south. One feature of the climate in Tenerife is the layer of cloud that can be experienced on the windward side of the island, but this is generally burned off in the afternoons. However it can bring welcome light rain for agriculture.

So, have you decided when you would like to head off on your Tenerife holiday yet? Check out Corona Holidays for some ideas for your next holiday.