5 Benefits of Custom Stamps in a Law Office

In life and in business, we all find a few hacks here and there to make our days more efficient. If you work in a law office, you likely complete a lot of forms and use repetitive information like writing out your business address or writing out your signature.

Maybe your handwriting is messy when you try to write fast and people can’t seem to read it. If this sounds like you, then we are here to help. It sounds like what you are looking for is custom stamps to help you get through the day.

Here are just some benefits of custom stamps, and why this is your new business hack.

1. Custom Legal Stamps to Get You Organized

In a legal office, you’ve got a lot of documents at your fingertips and the piles never stop growing. If you are going to conquer the consistent waves of paper that flow through your office, you need to stay organized. Custom stamps help you grab the reins and get control of the situation.

You’ll want to begin by deciding on the best labels and this depends on what needs the most attention. If it is paying bills, you’ll want a custom stamp that says “PAID.” If you do a lot of faxing, you can get custom legal stamps for that purpose and one of them can say “FAXED.”

You can label papers that are duplicated or scanned. You can even make custom stamp designs that are adjustable so that you can even add a date to it!

2. Custom Stamps Prevent Mix-Ups

If you are always in a rush to get things done and to move on to the next thing, you may not be in the best habit of jotting down notes in a way that others can understand. You may not understand it either, let alone remember what you were thinking.

You can standardize custom stamp designs to the way you want them to be. If a vendor calls about a late payment, you can mark their bill “LATE” with a custom stamp. If you have documentation that needs to be verified and you completed your due diligence, you can mark it “VERIFIED.”

Your staff can create systems to stay focused and organized, too. You can have piles of documents marked “RECEIVED” with an associated date so you know when it came in, and “REVIEWED” or “RENEWED,” anything that needs to be done with the paperwork.

3. Save Some Dough

Custom stamps help with saving money, too, on expensive items like custom forms or letterhead. You may have become accustomed to ordering specific kinds of stationary. You can eliminate these costly items with custom stamp designs.

Not only that, if you can create a form with any kind of sheet of paper, you know you will never run out and have to wait for a new shipment to arrive.

4. Custom Stamps for Law Office Branding

One very important way that businesses build a successful reputation in the marketplace is through branding. Your brand is your identity and needs to apply to everything you put out in the world.

As we mentioned before, stationery and envelopes can be hard to keep in stock and also costly. Custom logo stamps can look very sharp and can apply to anything you send at a lower cost.

5. Professional Appearance

The way you present yourself to the public is critical to your business. Someone will decide whether to do business with you based on how you appear to them. Cheap envelopes or terribly scribbled addresses can have an adverse effect on your appearance.

Custom stamps make your law office look buttoned up. You can even create stamps that have a little “THANK YOU” note on them, or an encouraging saying to brighten up someone’s day and make a positive impression.

Custom Legal Stamps Are the Way to Go

We hope you enjoyed learning more about the benefits of custom stamps and how they can help your law office.

Drop by again soon for some more helpful tips. We are always putting out new content.