Work from Home Away from Home: 4 Benefits of Renting an Office Space

Before the pandemic hit, only 20 percent of US employees worked from home some or all of the time. That number has jumped to 71 percent in the past year, with most wanting to embrace this new model even once any danger has passed.

But not every home offers the best environment for working, whether it be the lack of a proper desk or a quiet place to take calls. While the benefits of working from home are many, there are times when renting an office space makes sense for getting certain types of work done.

So, is it worth it to rent an office occasionally? Let’s look at a few benefits of coworking spaces and remote work rental offices.

1. Professionalism

All it takes is one time of having a streaking toddler running through the background of your Zoom call to make it clear how hard it can be to keep up a professional demeanor when working from home. Renting an office space for remote work gives you access to a quiet and private area that looks and feels more professional than your kitchen table.

2. Productivity

Many studies show that working from home can increase productivity, especially for those who do creative work. But tedious tasks and work you don’t like can have the opposite effect.

Removing home distractions by doing your remote work in rental offices rather than your home office can get you back on track. In addition, the quiet environment can be more productive without family or coworkers dropping by to interrupt you.

3. Routine

Coworking spaces and offices add the routine back into your workweek, which you might miss when your commute involves walking down the hall. Keeping a consistent schedule in WFH life can become a problem; you might find yourself constantly wondering what day it is.

If that’s the case, you might find the feel of going to an office like Cube Creative Space gives you more stability and routine.

4. Social

While most people who enjoy working from home do so because they don’t have to be around people, being alone can become lonely and frustrating. Renting coworking space for a day or two a week puts you back among people, even if they aren’t your coworkers.

You might find others to collaborate or brainstorm with who work at different companies or other industries and find new avenues of inspiration.

Interested in Renting an Office Space?

While remote working is becoming the new norm, it doesn’t mean you have to be at home. Coworking spaces and day-rental offices give you a location where you can present a more professional face and get away from distractions around your house. Renting an office space can give you an office feel without having to make the commute.

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