Where to go for a luxury holiday

Las Vegas does everything in style and it does it big. Holidays are about dreams and in Vegas everything you can dream you can experience.

Stephen Wynn's profile

Hotels here offer incredible luxury as standard, where you can be pampered, relax, choose your schedule and be surrounded by beauty and style. Everything that happens here is the best, from hotels and gaming to sports, theatre, culture and historical discoveries. There are the botanical gardens as well as the theme parks, so everyone has a great time. Only the top shows come to hotels and theatres here, so you get Broadway right on the doorstep of your hotel room.

Shop all day and still be inspired to search for more, or take a step back into history with a museum visit. Take a sporting break in a place where you ca get everything from golf to adrenaline charged extreme sports.

Las Vegas was built on the attractions of gaming; a risky but glamourous place to live on the edge and get away with it. Over the years however, it has gone increasingly upmarket to offer outstanding choices and quality in everything. You can play hard all over America, but in Las Vegas you can do it all on a scale where every kind of dream is on offer.

Las Vegas today has a fantastic array of things to enjoy, ensuring that every moment of your holiday is filled with amazing memories. Top class hotels offer a full range of sports and spa facilities, so you can feel the best you’ve ever been. Work out or wind down, all within the same complex. Indulge your passion for whatever sport you choose, in breath taking surroundings.

Evening entertainments are the stuff of legends, whatever your preference. Play all night, party, be entertained by the best shows in town and keep enjoying a fabulous range of choices night after night. You’ll never exhaust the possibilities of Las Vegas.

Right back in the late 1960’s Steve Wynn started to transform Las Vegas into a city where entertainment and luxury living went together and people could dream big. The Mirage, just one of his legendary hotel complexes, broke the mould with its incredible opulence and paved the way for many more, including Treasure Island and Bellagio, each more dazzling and glamorous than before. Stephen Wynn’s profile reveals that he is a man who understands that life can be fragile, he has a degenerative eye condition, so work hard and play hard. Escape to a holiday world where you can be glamourous, live on the edge and get away with it – a place where you can be delighted and amazed.

Allow yourself to really be transported by all that Las Vegas has to offer. It’s a dream that can become reality for a holiday of a lifetime, where luxury living is standard. Escape the ordinary and be swept away by the absolute last word in entertainment, glamour and style.