The Top Two Digital Marketing Strategies Ranked

Following are the top two digital marketing strategies ranked with an explanation of why they were selected in this order. Both are very effective and any complete digital marketing strategy should utilize both and other digital marketing strategies to ensure a company is doing all it can to attract customers online.

#1. Search Engine Optimization

Many people might be surprised that search engine optimization or SEO is ranked first in a list of most important digital marketing strategies. Some might argue that social media marketing, because of its broad reach and activity by over three billion people, should be at the top of the list. Others might think that email marketing because of its simplicity, high effectiveness and low cost should be at the top.

Social media marketing is on a list and it certainly has huge benefits for companies looking to connect with customers and potential customers, and email marketing is also formidable, but SEO makes the top of the list for the simple reason that if you do SEO correctly, you will have virtually guaranteed that potential customers will come to your website, blog or other online pages or sites, and many of these potential customers will be coming with the intent to purchase your products and services. SEO is the best digital marketing strategy for focusing specifically on this agenda.

Search engine optimization is a set of tools and strategies that are designed to help your web pages reach the top of search engines. Google and other search engines utilize algorithms to determine which websites come up first when a search is made. When someone enters a set of keywords into Google search engine, a predetermined set of factors define the order and which websites will be listed.

The websites that come up at the top and on the first page are much more likely to be accessed by someone searching. Most people will not look through more than two or three pages on a Google search. So if your website is not amogst the top of a search, your web pages are far less likely to be seen.

Top digital marketing firms like LD Sydney SEO use complex SEO strategies to help client’s rank higher on a search. Because all of the search engines are constantly changing their algorithms, digital marketing firms must also change their strategies. Therefore SEO is a constantly morphing technique. SEO results are proven and significant. When SEO is done properly, traffic to a company’s websites, blogs, and other web pages soars. For this reason SEO is the #1 most effective digital marketing strategy.

#2. Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is one of the newer types of digital marketing and is fast becoming one of the most effective. Every day more than 3 billion people participate on social networks like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. They come to these platforms to get the latest news, sports and entertainment, and to interact with friends and family.

Social networks have replaced traditional ways of communicating like mail and in many cases the telephone. For brands seeking to utilize social networks to introduce themselves, their products and services, they must take a different approach to sales then they do in the terrestrial world.

On social networks, brands must learn to become friends and peers and add to the social networking experience of the social networkers. By creating a comfortable relationship and integrating itself in the community, they are then allowed to present their products and services under the heading of providing solutions.

The approach is difficult to master and smart companies utilize digital marketing firms to help them position themselves properly with social networkers. When done correctly, brands can create a vibrant community followers who are interested in supporting the brand and purchasing goods provided by the brand. Social network marketing is likely on its way to becoming the most effective type of marketing online.