Top Accommodation in Cape Town This Year

Four Rosmead Hotel, Cape Town, South Africa
Four Rosmead Hotel, Cape Town, South Africa

It’s that time of year where families jet off on their summer vacation, however with so many places to choose from, and a variety of amazing deals on offer, it can be hard to pick an ideal destination. So far, one of the top places to holiday this year has been Cape Town, and from its glorious beaches to its wonderful cuisine and hospitable people, this city really does offer a holiday like no other. Hotels can make or break a vacation, so to make things a little easier on your trip to Cape Town, let’s take a look at some of the best places to stay for families!

Rodwell House Hotel

This hotel is a 1930’s mansion that has been converted into 9 dazzling and authentic rooms, each complete with all the services you’d expect from a luxury establishment. Located on the False Bay coast overlooking the calming sea, it’s one of the most charming places to stay in all of Cape Town, especially if you’re travelling with the kids. In a car it’s only 30 minutes from the city centre, and around 10 minutes from the beach, meaning it’s offers both the close proximity to nightlife but also the freedom to relax at just the right distance.

Sea Five Hotel 

Something for the younger couples, this spectacular beach house only has 6 rooms to choose from, all with amazing views of the coastline with close proximity to the city centre. Surrounded by fantastic bars and restaurants, the Sea Five Hotel can be found on Camps Bay (Cape Town’s most accessible beach), and although the services here are quite limited, it allows you to explore the local area, using a tourist’s initiative. Breakfast is the only meal on offer here, however as it is an all you can eat buffet, there’s more than enough to keep you satisfied.

An African Villa Hotel 

Simple yet charming, cheap yet stylish, An African Villa Hotel is perfect for those families looking to save money whilst holidaying in Cape Town, without undermining the quality of their accommodation experience. There are a number of small, medium and large rooms here, all with double beds and on-suite features, each of the rooms also come with satellite television too. Breakfast is the only meal served here, however the hotel is surrounded by some great restaurants, and the city centre is only a short walk away anyway.

You might have to break the bank to stay in the more luxurious hotels in Cape Town, but that doesn’t mean your flights have to be expensive too! Be sure to check online for some of the best deals this year.

Four Rosmead Hotel

Ending on a luxurious note, this fantastic hotel offers a quiet setting overlooking a peaceful suburb of Cape Town. Appreciated more by older couples looking to take a break from the inner city hustle and bustle, the Four Rosmead Hotel is a laid back but stylish place to stay, with just 8 rooms ensuring total relaxation. With lunch and dinner on request, and an English breakfast buffet to help you start you day off, this hotel is a must for those not looking to break the bank on accommodation, while getting comfortable surroundings and a memorable stay in return.