What Skills do Great CEOs Possess

CEOs are some of the most important people in the World, they are the leaders of business and industry, they have the power to shift political landscapes and they are some of the richest people on the planet. To be a successful CEO like Evan Spiegel, Mark Zuckerburg, Carlos Sim or Patrick Imbardelli, you have to have a certain set of skills, particularly characteristics that set you apart from those who would just ‘like to be’ a CEO, the aforementioned CEOs all possess similar character traits that got them to where they are today and we’re going to have a quick look into what these skills actually are, and what you are going to need if you want to reach the top.



Without commitment, drive and dedication, none of the World’s CEOs would ever have achieved what they have, this is one of those characteristics that you simply cannot lack if you want to succeed as a CEO. Consistently giving 100% day-in and day-out is the only real way to achieve success, as the leader of a company or team, you need to be seen to be the most dedicated person in the business, great CEOs are constantly driven whether it be by success, money or growth.

Forward Thinking

When you think of the greatest CEOs in the World, you can always put the tag ‘forward thinking’ next to their name, the best CEOs stand still for nobody, they are always seeking to achieve more, improve more and searching for the next great idea or project. There is nothing wrong with using tried and tested methods to achieve success but those who want to stand out are the ones that are continuously driving forward.


Leadership is vital to a role as a CEO, even those who are self-made such as many of the internet entrepreneurs who have become CEOs have not done so alone,perhaps they started out this way, but as success arrives, so to does the team that you will need to achieve more and leading is an important part of the growth. You must be a great leader to be a CEO, you will be heading up a large organization that could impact the lives of millions, it is imperative therefore, that your team views you as the person who is going to take the company forward, make great decisions and be responsible for the company’s successes and failures alike.


A term coined in the World of soccer for a team that can suffer a crushing defeat, dust themselves off and go again looking for a win, this is a trait that the very best CEOs have. Anyone who thinks that they will ride through the business world with ease and never face setbacks is deluded, these setbacks are in fact what makes great CEOs great, learning from the mistake, ignoring the feeling of failure and seeking out success again regardless of the pitfalls.