Simplified fleet management options at a low cost

Controlling your company’s performance with fleet management is designed to save you money and make your business more efficient. With that in mind, it seems strange how much some fleet management devices can cost, with some pieces costing £40-50 a month per vehicle. While there’s no doubt that the majority of fleet management devices will save you money overall, we’ve found a budget choice which doesn’t fall down when it comes to performance.

cantrack -

Visibly built for cost savings, the CanTrack fleet tracker costs £99 plus VAT per unit, with each subscription costing £67 or £79 a year depending on which option you choose. CanTrack make a big deal out of how much you can save with their product, so we took the time to put it to the test.

From the start, the tracker was built to cut out time consuming and expensive installation. Opting to omit security features, the CanTrack system plugs into a vehicle’s OBD port rather than being wired into a vehicle. Whether your drivers leave it in overnight or plug in at the beginning of a shift, it’s a pretty convenient option, particularly for large fleet owners.

The tracking software that CanTrack has created is about as powerful as most options on the market. As you’d expect, it includes accurate vehicle placement and speed measurement, along with a few different reporting features. Maps are pretty detailed, with the company mentioning that their device can handle business parks and the like.

With the more expensive subscription you get an option to break down driver performance into a few different categories, getting a simple visual presentation of how everyone’s working. An interesting option, this lets owners pinpoint specific areas for improvement, and is probably worth the investment for its convenience alone.

Across the CanTrack software there’s a few different options available, with most of the features being fairly intuitive. On hand managers will probably see some good use from the ability to check live traffic feeds and plan alternate routes (one thing to note – the tracker doesn’t have a screen for drivers to check, but the software’s apparently usable on mobiles), while the ability to review performance over time is useful for performance reviews.

All in all, the CanTrack tracker is a pretty powerful device for fleet management, with some impressive features that belie its budget price.