Service Contracts Can Save You Lots of Money in the Long Run

Most new cars and many used cars come with warranties, so why the need to purchase and extended service contract?

All new cars come with warranties that protect the buyer against having to pay to repair or replace major car systems. These include the engine and transmission, the paint, the interior including seats, dashboard, and carpets, the car’s electrical system, and the car’s exhaust system.

The warranty for each of these systems and parts varies. The length of time that each is replaced repaired also varies. Some can be replaced based on simple wear and tear, others within a particular time frame only, while others can only be replaced if there is a factory defect discovered. Because all of these parts and systems are very expensive, an owner can find himself not covered leaving him with high out-of-pocket costs.

Additionally, there are many parts of a new automobile that are simply not under warranty, and are likely to either fall into disrepair or fail. These include tires, belts, hoses and pumps.

Finally, there are also checkups and inspections that may be required by insurance or that are simply part of good car maintenance that may not be covered by warranty, and may also be expensive.

For used cars, there will likely be parts that are expensive to repair or replace that will not be covered by a used car warranty. Because of this the car owner is potentially exposed to a costly car parts that fails. Additionally an owner may have concerns about the car being properly serviced while he is driving it, to ensure that the life of the vehicle reaches its maximum potential.

Why is a service contract important?

For these reasons regarding new and used cars, an extended warranty, or service contract can be an excellent purchase. Service contracts can extend the warranty of critical car parts, they can also provide protection for car parts that are not under warranty. Finally, they can cover service for the car that must be done, and that can be expensive over time.

When someone engage is a company like Accelerated Service International, regarding one of their service contracts, it is to protect their automobile investment. Many of the largest problems for an automobile are difficult to detect. These complicated machines are fine-tuned and problems can develop quickly and often. .Also because an automobile drives on many different types of roads, and in many different weather conditions, there’s a good chance that a problem will develop. Having the peace of mind a service contract provides, can be the best investment for a car owner and his family.

For a minimal monthly fee, a car owner can be sure that if anything does go wrong with the automobile, it will be fixed immediately, without the huge out-of-pocket expense usually related to the repair. To ensure you can feel that this is the case, make sure you get a contract that covers every car part you think might have a problem.

When a person purchases a new or used automobile, the cost of these repairs, and the running costs of the automobile, need to be factored in. They also need to be considered when you look at a service contract. When you do consider them and realize that they will not have to come out of your pocket, you begin to understand why service contract is such a great purchase. In the long run chances are, that you will save a good amount of money.