Reasons to choose a wall-mounted TV over a floor TV stand

TV screens are usually common in homes and business offices. Most offices have TV screens for either entertainment or presentation purposes. For whatever reason, TV screens should be at a strategic position where everyone can have a clear view. In the past, TV screens were placed on top of wall units or tables. Today, there are modern and stylish ways to position your TV screen. All you need is a TV stand where you can conveniently install your TV screen. The most popular options are wall-mounted and floor TV stands.

Both types of TV stands are effective and beneficial. Choosing one over the other can be very tricky. However, there are factors that may lead you to choose a wall-mounted TV over a floor TV stand. Let us look at some of the scenarios when you may opt for a wall-mounted TV.


When installing a TV screen in an office, you need to maximise the space. TV screens are also common in the visitors’ lobby. You need to save space for more seats in the lobby. A floor stand usually reduces space, as it is placed on the floor. However, a wall-mounted TV saves you space as it is mounted on the wall. A perfect TV display stand ought to save space in your living room or office.


Style and class define each office or home. After acquiring a classy and trendy TV, you need a classy stand to install, too. Gone are the days when TV screens would be placed on a table. Visit any office or home and you will find a TV screen mounted on the wall. This is what is trendy. Embrace the latest trend of mounting your TV screen on the wall.


Modern TV screens are very expensive. This is mainly because of the latest display technology, design and features. As you think of where to place your TV screen, think of its safety, and the potential for damage. A floor TV stand can be accidently knocked over by children. However, with a wall-mounted TV, the screen is secure from any harm or damage from kids.

As you shop for a TV stand, these factors will definitely lead you to choose a wall-mounted TV. Most homes mount their TV screens on the wall to act as wall art. Instead of wall hangings, mounted TV screens are a perfect form of home improvement. They are also flexible as you can mount them on any side of your living room or office. Wall-mounted TVs are easy to install and uninstall.