Questions to Ask Your Immigration Lawyer During the Initial Consultation

You’re going to need the best lawyers if you decide to move to London. Being an immigrant is tough because you need to go through a long and tedious process before you can finally settle, so if you hire the top immigration solicitors London offers, you will have a higher chance of getting visa approval. Since there are many choices for immigration lawyers, you need to speak with them first in a consultation. Ask these questions and you will discover if they are the right immigration lawyer for you.

What is your experience in immigration cases?

Even if you find an immigration lawyer, this legal field is quite vast. Immigration has various aspects and you want a lawyer who has experience in your specific case. If you intend to move to London and you are from a particular country, for instance, you want a lawyer who has already succeeded in helping similar cases in the past as such a lawyer will know how to deal with your situation and how to help you if you experience setbacks.

Do you focus only on immigration cases?

Although it is a good thing to have well-rounded lawyers, you might want someone whose specialisation is handling immigration cases because the laws and conduct is rather complicated. You need to know if the lawyer will treat your case as a priority, as immigration is a lengthy process and you do not want your lawyer to make your case an afterthought.

What kind of service do you offer?

Some immigration lawyers will provide help only in dealing with administrative tasks, such as giving you assistance to collect and process your documents for visa approval. However, there are others who will help you through court representation and other services you might need, so don’t forget to check the rates if you seek services outside the administrative tasks.

Are you a member of any professional organisations?

You can put your trust in a lawyer who has affiliations with professional organisations concerning immigration law. If you are choosing a law firm, you can also check the associations of the said firm as some organisations are quite picky in selecting who can be a part of such groups, so membership implies that the lawyer or the firm has the necessary credentials.

Why are you a better choice than other lawyers?

There is no specific response to this question that indicates whether a lawyer is better or not, however you can test how compelling their answer is. If you feel satisfied with the type of response you receive, you might consider hiring the lawyer; otherwise, you need to keep searching for the best lawyer to handle your case.

It is not easy moving to another country like the UK with strict immigration laws. Some people who wish to visit the UK as a tourist might not even have the chance to do so due to visa issues, so therefore, you need to find the best lawyer to make you feel confident that you will achieve your goals.