Many Precision Industries Count on the Mitsubishi Laser for the Highest Quality Parts

The manufacturing sectors of many high precision industries like aerospace, automotive, electronics, computers, medical and semiconductor utilize laser cutters because of the precision and cost savings that these technologically advanced tools provide. Mitsubishi is a leader in the field, offering some of the best laser cutter products. In fact there is no laser cutter on the market today, better than the Mitsubishi Laser.

Laser cutting has become a core need for many industries. Low end laser cutters are used to etch or engrave and are a favorite of schools and hobbyists.  Industrial laser cutters are used in manufacturing applications to cut a variety of materials including steel, plastics, foam, carbon, fiberglass, printed circuit boards, and a range of other materials.

Laser cutters aim a high-power laser beam most commonly through optics and computer Numerical control (CNC). Laser cutters will either burn, melt or vaporize the target material. Because of the high intensity of the laser, the laser cutter leaves a high-quality edge on any cut material.

Laser cutting is so precise and clean, that it can eliminate the need for machining on many jobs, enabling companies to save money on manufacturing costs. Lasers can also cut complex shapes without the need for expensive tooling. Finally, because the laser does not wear during the cutting process, costs are saved over those cutters that need constant replacement cutting tools.

Advantages of Laser Cutters

Mechanical Cutters

Laser cutters has key advantages over mechanical cutters. They include:

  • Better precision.
  • Reduced chance of warping the cut material.
  • Can cut nearly any material.
  • No contamination of the workplace or material by waste material.

Plasma Cutters

In term of cutting metal, the leading options are plasma cutters and laser cutters. Laser cutters are more precise and use less energy than plasma cutters. However, when cutting steel and aluminum, plasma cutters can cut through thicker materials. Companies like Mitsubishi are beginning to introduce laser cutters that can match plasma cutters in this area, but currently that are prohibitively expensive.

Mitsubishi Laser Cutters

Mitsubishi Laser is a pioneer and market leader in the laser cutter industry. They introduced their first commercial laser cutting machine in 1977, and have continued on a rapid track of innovation and industry leading, advanced technology. Mitsubishi Laser designs and manufactures every critical laser-cutting component to meet the highest standards in the most demanding of environments.

Mitsubishi offers a full range of industrial laser cutters that are known to be cost effective and low maintenance. Their product line includes:

2D CO2 LASERS – Mitsubishi Laser offers several cost-effective 2D CO2 laser machines. Their superior design and market-best resonators, help to reduce gas costs, improve efficiency, speed, and profits.

FIVE-AXIS CO2 LASERS – These three-dimensional 5 and 6 axis, laser cutting systems offer the ultimate in accuracy and flexibility across a wide range of complex laser applications. Their superior software combined with superior resonator technology, allow companies to significantly decrease time and manpower required to produce complex parts accurately.

TANAKA CO2 LASERS – With 2kW, 4kW and 6 kW oscillators, these Tanaka gantry machines are big and powerful, making them the perfect solution for large-part and thick-plate fabricators. These jobs require high-performance and precision and Mitsubishi Tanaka Lasers meet the needs of any manufacturer.

FIBER LASERS – This newer laser technology gives companies a superior option for cutting thinner materials. Mitsubishi uses fiber optics to create a fiber laser that provide a faster beam for higher cutting speeds, high-speed controls and preset autofocus processing head for fast, accurate production. The Mitsubishi F-Series fiber lasers are the industry’s best.

Mitsubishi sets the standards for quality Laser cutters. Their range complete of products provides the perfect laser cutter no matter the application. They improve business efficiency and increase your bottom line.