Guide to select your wedding jewellery

Wedding is a super special event for the bride and groom as all eyeballs would be stationed on them for the entire event. This is the day when both of them want to look their best to make sure that they remain at the centre of the event getting all praise and attention. The event that stands as lifetime memory for both bride and groom, holds lot of importance for the bride as she walks down the aisle mesmerising everyone around.

Brides put in their heart and soul in designing the most gorgeous wedding gown for their special day, however most of them miss out on getting the befitting jewellery and that takes away the glory from their wedding day look. While there are no set rules for wedding day jewellery selection, there are some simple mistakes worth avoiding for sure.

Guide for selection – What to do and what not to do!

  • Contrast works, but not always!

There is a simple belief that when nothing works, contrast would work, but remember that this is not a universal truth. Little contrast here and there while keeping the base shade in line with your dress would work, but if you think that you will wear golden jewellery on your silver gown then it would actually be a disaster. Work out a safe contrast. For example, for white wedding gown you can select sparkling stones in similar shades with dash of golden at the bottom. The primary metal or stones used in the jewellery must be in line with the colour of the bridal gown, whereas other stones and metals can be used to add a dash of contrast to break monotony of the look.

  • Keep less to achieve more

You are a bride, but it doesn’t meanthat you need to wear the most expensive and heavy jewellery to be distinguished as one! Keep your jewellery light. Balance the jewellery by combining the light pieces with the heavy ones. A light chain will team up well with heavy earrings. If you want to flaunt a large beaded necklace then simple studs in the ears would also do. No need to deck up from head to toe, all you have to do is make the right choices and keep them simple in line with your wedding dress

  • Neckline for necklace

Fancy wedding gowns with attractive necklines have always remained in vogue. Some of these necklines are self-defining and may not need any necklace to adore them further. In fact, these necklines would lose their charm due to the necklace. Selecting the necklace according to the neckline would redefine the neckline and sometimes make even the dull neckline look spectacular. For deep neck and off-shoulder dress, you must wear choker, a neck hugging necklace. For V-neck dress, an attractive pendant or simple necklace would work. Dresses with high neck may look good even without any necklace. You can bring the entire focus on the ears by flaunting heavy earrings.

  • Invest wisely in the right jewellery

Finding an appropriate jewellery for the wedding day is not very easy, but searching at an online option would help you find the jewellery befitting the occasion. You won’t mind spending huge for the special day, but why not grab fabulous deals and get your jewellery at discounted rates. Some jewellery pieces made out of diamond or pearl would go well with all types of dresses and  just any occasion. No need to find the perfect match every time, little creativity and contrast would give an extra point to your dressing sense.

  • Reflection of your style

Don’t imitate the style trends set by others. Your dressing should be the reflection of your style and character. When you try to be like someone else with the help of your attire then you are making the biggest blunder of your life and that too on the very special day. Being yourself would work as the confidence booster. There is no point wearing the heavy hanging earrings if you don’t find them comfortable. You may think of doing something unusual on this day, but believe me it is not the right time to bring forward your adventurous side. Don’t like chandeliers? Opt for studs! It is as simple as this, just follow your style and play safe. However, if your style is too boring for the occasion then follow what your designer suggests and rehearse the look several times to gain the confidence for the D-day.

You won’t get many such occasions in your life when you will be stealing all the eye balls, so put in sufficient efforts in searching and selecting the attire to look your best.