Family Friendly Hotels: What to Ask

Baby friendly hotels

Travelling with your family can be a bit of a headache, especially if you arrive to find that the accommodation you’ve booked is not geared towards children or family groups. You don’t have to shop for hotel deals specifically for families if that’s not your cup of tea, look on the internet to find a great deal and ask the right questions to ensure a great holiday.


This is a matter of preference. If you want to spend your whole holiday doing things with your kids and having quality time then that’s fab. If you would like a bit of time to yourselves and a chance for the kids to play with others and let off some steam then that’s equally great. If you do want to stay somewhere with the option of childcare, make sure you ask about schemes and costs in advance so you can plan ahead.


Find out what the area around your hotel is like. If you have a gaggle of adrenaline mad kids then choose a hotel near theme parks or water sports rather than one in a sleepy village. Another advantage of this is that places with lots of organised activities tend to be more popular with families and therefore better equipped for this type of guest.


Check with the hotel whether they provide cots or zed-beds if you are travelling with young children. Anything that the hotel can provide cuts down on the amount of things that you have to bring. It is also a good indicator of whether a hotel is family orientated if they have things like highchairs and changing areas to hand. You should also ask if they have strong Wi-Fi, not only for you, but it will make playing games much easier for your kids when everyone is looking for a bit of downtime. Check out one of the hottest games this summer, Heads Arena: Euro Soccer for fun not only for your kiddos, but you as well!

When you book your hotel don’t be afraid to ask questions – owners and booking companies are always more than happy to help you. Most hotels will have provisions for families upon request even if they are not explicitly listed online. Don’t dread making a family holiday mistake; ask the questions you need to, book it and enjoy your break together.