Engage Your Customers with an Apple TV–enabled App 

In the last twenty years or so a lot of the innovation in consumer technology has gone into computers, cellphones, tablets, and video game consoles. The television, despite its central place in most Western households, was an afterthought, aside from gaining slightly better definition or sound quality every few years. But now that content has been freed from the cable industry’s tethers and moved to streaming or web-based services, new attention has been put on improving the television watching experience. That’s why companies like Apple have been investigating big in connected TV products like Apple TV. It’s time for the television to take back its place as the modern hearth of the living room, and for your company or brand to become part of this consumer revolution!


The Future of TV

Just like on a smartphone or tablet, the future of TV will be dominated by apps. And with the new features that come with the release of tvOS for the fourth-generation Apple TV, the development environment has vastly improved for any company looking to gain a foothold in the platform. The iOS-based operating system allows a huge range of new, interactive applications to be integrated into your customers’ home entertainment routines. The potential is nearly unlimited!

Develop Your App

If you’d like to learn more about the potential benefits of Apple TV development, you should check out Clearbridgemobile.com, which has a lot of really helpful information. With all of this new opportunity to connect your customers to your brand in a new or unique way, you don’t want to waste the potential impact you can have! Whether you’re looking to produce a streaming TV app or something more ambitious, only choose a company that has experience developing applications for iOS. There are so many potential issues that can occur in development that it only makes sense to choose a firm, like Clearbridge Mobile (based in North America), which has done it all before. They’ve worked with brands like NBC, Bravo, Disney, The New York Times, and Telemundo to produce award-winning and innovative consumer applications. Not only that, but they’ve been building applications for the tvOS operating system since it was first announced.

Not only should you choose experience and a company with a large portfolio of work done with established brands, but you should also take care to get to know the processes of the firms that you are potentially going to work with. Make sure that offer regular builds and progress reports, as Clearbridge Mobile offers, so that you can be sure that your development is on track. There is absolutely nothing worse than trusting a big project to a partner company only to discover that they aren’t going to deliver on time or with all of the features you anticipated. Experience matters! And contrary to what you might expect, that counts doubly for new platforms like the Apple TV and tvOS, where making a good first impression matters if you want to become a crucial part of the new ecosystem.